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Political Science
Steve Risavy

Global Politics Lecture 2 Political Science – The normative science which treats of the organization of soical goods. The branch of civics concerned with government and state affairs. Political Philosophy – That branch of philosophy which deals with political life, especially with the essence, original and value of the state – Dictionary of Philosophy. Dagobert Dr. Runes (1983) Our impressions and images of global poltics are: “wrapped in representations, bundled in ideology, edited by the media, warped by official stories”. James Der Derian in Global politics • Multi-disciplinary • Challenging- Whose definitions? • Key players • Theoretical underpinning – International Relations (IR) Globalizations 5 views • Globalization as Internationalization • Globalization is viewd as another adjective to describe cross-border relations between countries • It describes the growth in international exchange and interdependence • With glowing flows of trade and capital investment there is the possibility of moving beyond an inter-national economy... to a stronger version- the globalized economy in which disti • Globalization as liberalization. In this broad set of definitions globalization refers to a process of removing government- imposed restrictions on movements between countries in order to create an “open” “borderless” world economy • Those who have argued wiht some success for the abolition of regulatory trade barriers and capital • Globalization as universalization. In this use, 'global' is used in the sense of being 'worldwide' and globalization is the processes of spreading various objects and experiences to people at all corners of the earth • Aclassic example of this would be the spread of computing • Globalization as westernization or modernization. Here globalization is understood as a dynamic whereby the social structure of modernity are spread the world over, normally destroying pre-existent cultures and local self-determination in the process • Globalization as deterritorialization.. Here globalization entails a reconfiguration of geography so that social space is no longer wholly mapped in terms of territorial places, territorial distances and territorial borders. Anthony Giddens has thus defined globalization as the intesification of worldwide social relations which link distant localities in such a way that local happenings are shaped by events occurring many miles away and vice versa • Idealism • Moral and political idealism.. The pursuit of an unwillingness to renounce 'ideals of conduct' even when present reality conflicts with them, and even when their future realization seems unlikely or impossible, perhaps with a reluctance to believe in tha impossiblilty • In international affairs idealists are often contrasted with 'realists' the former seeing international relations at least partly in terms of moral precepts, justice, trust and obligation, the latter seeing them only in terms of power. • Realism • Political. The dispostion to see things as they are, rather than as they ought to be and to recognize that the prinicipal aim of all agents in the political sphere is power and self- aggrandizement. Certain critics of U.S post war foreign policy have commented on its lack of realism meaning, whether fairly or not that it has taken a 'legal-moralistic view of international conflict, rather than perceiving it in terms of the real struggles for power and influence which the profession of legal and moral values tend to conceal. • Such critics...argue not that ideals, values, and
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