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PS101 Study Guide - Final Guide: Standard Deviation

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Don Morgenson
Study Guide

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January 19 2016
Lecture 5
-chapter1 : 16 questions (no remote names/research) major names only
-chapter 2: 23 questions, independant/dependant variables. how to design
experiments,compounds, inter. variables.
-Appendix stats?? =11
-Dependant variable in Psychology=Behaviour
-In experiments, will often manipulate the I.V and see the effect on the D.V
-Independent Variables:
-Independent variables can sometimes be stimuli
-Behaviours, are often a product of stimuli, lighting heat etc are stimulus variables
-Organismic Variables, individual qualities (drive, gender, etc)
-Response Variables, past responses often influence present responses
Stats:How do we Collect, Organize, and Interpret Data:
-Validity in measuring
-Reliability./consistency If an instrument is Valid, it is also reliable.
-Objectivity: tries to remove as much of the bias as possible
-Mean, Median, Mode
-Positively skewed + Negatively skewed distribution
-Central Tenancy
-Variability: 2 measures:
-Range-difference between highest test score, and Lowest Test score
-Standard Deviation-how the score deviates from the mean
-once you get the mean in standard deviation, you get the standard scores.
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