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PS270 Final: Chapter: 6 Notes

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Lawrence Murphy

ch. 6 Ch. 6 - How attitudes are measured: • Self -report measures • Attitude scales Bogus Pipeline • • Covert Measures • EMG • IAT - Theory Of Reasoned Action: • Behavioural intention • Attitude • Subjective Norm • perceived behavioural control - Based on the assumption that a person is more likely to do what they intend to do - Assumes that a persons behavioural intentions depends on the persons attitude about the behaviour and subjective norms - Theory of Planned Behaviour: • Not all behaviour is under volitional control • Attitude towards behaviour • Subjective Norm • Perceived behavioural control - Intention - Behaviour - Two routes to persuasion: • Systematic (Central Route) - involves thoughtful consideration of relevant information - strong arguments are persuading • Heuristic (perephrial): - When people rely on cues/heuristics to make judgements about the message, without thinking carefully about the arguments • I.e Experts know whats best - Credibility: • easily faked • must be trustworthy • self-interest reduced appeal - Likability: similarity and attractiveness • • Persons influence depends on our own level of involvement - personal impact matters - Sleeper Effect: - Two sided arguments are better than one sided arguments • enhances credibility • Provides cogent reasons why opposing arguments are wrong - Motivational Appeals: external inducements, often emotional, designed to increase an individual drive to • undertake some course of action - Fear for yourself - Fear of hurting children (guilt) - Fear then resolution - Humour • Fear Appeals - greater fear= greater persuasion - Extended Parallel Process Model: • Fear can lead to one of 2 alternatives: - Danger control: (use condom/refrain from sex) -
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