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Diane Glebe

Self esteem Susan Harter (1987;1990)  4-7 years: specific/separate areas of competence. Multiple areas of self esteem, not overall self- worth  global self esteem emerges around age 7  preschoolers are often referred to as learning optimists: they have a positive view of themselves and what they can do the downward spiral of self esteem negative evaluation--> poor performance (low self-esteem)-- poor self-concept as a learner--> negative evaluation..... (this is a circle) ways of promoting development of academic self concept and self esteem  accept children as they are; all are vulnerable, all have skills  avoid setting up competitions among students if only the most able have a chance to win  avoid unnecessary distinctions among students (1.e. ability groupings)  make it clear there are many valuable skills and many ways to succeed  praise progress and effort, not just achievement o avoid false praise ( that's the best drawing; that's perfect) o avoid person praise (you're so smart; you're a great artist) o provide process- oriented praise (praise effort, praise aspects of how they've done something; that was a really effective strategy you used, what creative colour choices you made) o focus on master aspects of a task- not how smart they are Parenting: Styles and impact 2 broad dimensions of parenting:  responsiveness/ acceptance  demandingness/ control responsiveness (acceptance)  the degree to which parents respond to a child's needs in an accepting and supportive way  the amount of support, warmth and affection shown  responsive parents: smile, praise, encourage, are warm and loving  non-responsive parents: criticize, belittle, punish, ignore demandingness (control)  the extent to which parents expect,
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