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ACTG 2010
Rebecca Jubis

1PageTo the Board of Directors As President and CEO of Silver Sloths Bicycle inc It is my pleasure to present to you a ststfull review and summary of our companys decisions from the 1 of January 2011 to the 31 of December 2017Within this report a detailed description of the decisions and results of our company throughout the last six years is outlined The strategic decision of having a low asking price medium quality bikes and a high advertising push allowed us the opportunity to grow successfully as a bicycle corporation Being new to the bike industry our first year of operation was not as successful as planned being in third place with a shareholder value of 20 was not where we wanted to be as there was a 17 difference in the overall SHV of our leading competitor This however pushed us to change the outlook of our company and we made the decision to start to focus more on promotion and advertising As the years progressed and we gained more control over our company we were able to establish our brand and significantly raise our overall SHV The strategy that was developed by my management team and I helped us push forward within our world and enabled us to significantly increase our SHV with each successive year It was this strategy of a low asking price medium quality and a high advertising push that allowed us the opportunity to rise past our competitors Due to the introduction of the new youth bike we were able to excel even more rapidly as we were there were no competitors within this line of bikes enabling us to find success and reach our goals for each year Overall the goal of having the highest overall SHV in our world was not reached however the improvements made throughout the six years demonstrated our success Finishing second in our world with a SHV of 617 displays our teamwork collaboration and successful 2Page
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