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ADMS 1000
Rebecca Jubis

General Comments The answer begins with a definition of downsizing which has been copied verbatim from Karakowsky's textbook. Quotation marks haven't been used, and the name of the author hasn't been given. This is an unacceptable borrowing of an author's language. See the sample which scored 11/15 for a better way to indicate that an author's words have been borrowed. It would have been helpful if the introduction went further, and previewed the two particular methods the student has chosen to discuss. He could have simply written: "Although there are many methods of downsizing, I will focus here on outsourcing (or contracting-out) and across the board cutbacks." Although it is reasonable that the student has chosen to focus on offshore outsourcing, it would have been helpful if he had used this as an opportunity to distinguish between offshore and onshore outsourcing. The student doesn't restrict himself to using examples from the textbook; instead, he makes use of examples raised in class discussions. Key Recommendations for Improving this Answer Allow enough time at the end of an exam to reread your answers, in order to catch careless mistakes. In this instance, the student probably meant to write "enable companies." As it stands now, he wasn't credited for making this point. Provide more explanation of key points. For instance, here the student might have noted how companies such as the Gap are outsourcing to countries such as India or Indonesia (where labour is very cheap) as opposed to onshore outsourcing in Canada (where labour is more expensive). Similarily, here the student might have explained why it would be advantageous to be involved in several countries, rather than in only one or two. In this case, reference could have been made to MNC's (as discussed in class). Avoid lists and point-form (unless you are running out of time). Part II--Essay Question #2 There are a number of methods of downsizing an organization. Discuss two methods of downsizing and explain their advantages and disadvantages by drawing on examples from the course or
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