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ADMS 1000
Rebecca Jubis

General Comments This question appears to be simple, particularly because it allows a student to select two forms of downsizing to discuss. However, it has a number of elements/tasks which each must be completed in order to score high marks. This answer scored 14/15, because it does a good job of addressing all of the elements of the question. The student has selected two forms of downsizing to discuss; effectively explained both the advantages and disadvantages of each form; and used appropriate examples to support her points. The answer is generally well-organized into paragraphs, and sub-headings clearly identify the two forms of downsizing that will be discussed. Specific Comments This phrase doesn't contribute much, as these five methods of downsizing are not necessarily "self-explanatory." The student is, in fact, required to provide just such an explanation. Key terms such as "downsizing" or "early retirement and voluntary severance" are defined before they are discussed. The answer concludes with a discussion of the broader concept of downsizing, which is effective in bringing the answer to a close. Part II--Essay Question #2 There are a number of methods of downsizing an organization. Discuss two methods of downsizing and explain their advantages and disadvantages by drawing on examples from the course or from your own experience. (15 marks) Downsizing is the planned reduction in the width of an organizations operations. It involves decreasing a large number of employees and decreasing the number of products it provides. There are five methods of downsizing which are self explanatory. They include: 1. Across the board cutbacks, 2. Voluntary Severance, 3. De-Layering, 4. Contracting Out, and 5. Dropping Product Lines. Early Retirement and Voluntary Severance: This form of downsizing is when those people nearing retirement, take early retirement voluntary as opposed to a forced leave. This is usually the first stage when an organization is downsizing. This form of downsizing is good since it concentrates the terminations among those who are willing to leave. It is also beneficial since it can help achieve the reduced cost objective by encouraging senior, and highly paid employees to leave. Although this is good, there are also potential risks to this form. This type of downsizing could cause �loss of corporate memory�which is when a company could lose experienced, valued employees who have been a key part of the organization. An example of this is when Ford laid off employees who were car designers. The next year the car Taurus debuted, sales were very low com
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