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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 1000
Peter Tsasis

Midterm and Final Exams THERE ARE TWO EXAMS IN THIS COURSE: MIDTERM EXAM (40% OF GRADE) FINAL EXAM (60% OF GRADE) Below is some information that you should keep in mind regarding each of these exams (see course Schedule for dates) Mid Term Exam  To be held in Session SIX, during class time – worth 40% of your grade  Length: 2.5 hours.  It is an CLOSED book exam : No aids/NO dictionaries can be used.  It is a "thinking exam". That is, it require a sound understanding of the material contained in Sessions 1 to 4 inclusive. Exam is marked out of 80 and is converted into a percent out of 100. FINAL EXAM To be held during final exam week – date to be announced.  Length: 3 hours  Closed book exam: No aids/NO dictionaries can be used. This final exam will NOT be cumulative – only material AFTER midterm will be included. EXAM ADVICE PREPARING FOR THE EXAMS Keep up with the material. Do not try to "cram" for the exams! You must be sufficiently familiar with the material to be able to read and respond to the questions in the allotted time. This course requires consistent work – ie. Keep up with the readings and grapple with the cases well in advance of the exam date. The same advice holds true for the final exam. You simply cannot cram for this. Summarize the readings and create your own notes. The powerpoint slides are just a guide to the topics we'll examine. You should be writing complete notes – which may also involve summarizing the key ideas from the readings for each session. Practice applying concepts rather than simply memorizing them! The exams attempt to assess your understanding of the course concepts - a central measure of "understanding" is an individual's ability to apply the learned concepts to different situations. Through tackling the assigned cases, through class participation, through reading the popular press, you will be given ample opportunity to pr
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