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Admin Studies Final Exam Review

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 1000
Eytan Lasry

What are the different external 7 forces and how do they influence organizations The Canadian Contexty Economic ForcesRecession strong economical health in CanadaIs the economy health weak need to ask to obtain resources from the environmentOrganizations need to adapt to changing economic changesEconomic changes have also facilitated changes to the nature of the employeremployee relationshipGross Domestic Product the total value of a countrys output of goods and services in a given yeary Competitive ForcesWork in two levels of an organizationOrganizations to compete effectively must continually create new and better methods of serving customersGlobalization has opened up larger markets for businesses it has also facilitated much higher levels of competition Perfect Competition exists when there are many small firms producing an identical product and consequently no single producer has the power to affect the price of the productMonopolistic Competition involves a large number of small firms whose product or service is perceived as slightly differentOligopoly where there are a small number of producers with a different producty Technological ForcesInventions and innovationsChange in technology is constant and us a force that permits and demands organizational changeIncreased flexibility in work arraignments Knowledge Worker underscores the increasing importance of higher education and the value of transferable skillsy Labour ForcesImmigrants who can in the 1990s are now 70 of Canadas labour forceWomen also comprise a significant component of the Canadian labour force and account for about half of both the employed work force and all union membersDemographics characteristics of a populationy Global ForcesCould be embedded in general economic political technological or societal forcesbut are international in natureGlobalization A Canadian organization may not simply consider consumers within the domestic borders but they may have a significant consumer market overseas Branch Plants y Political ForcesExert influence at both specific and general levelsGovernment regulations to what an organization can doThe Canadian economic system is described as a mixed systemy Societal ForcesThe nature of a society certainly is an entrenched part of an organizations general environmentBusinesses must respond to society
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