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Administrative Studies
ADMS 1010
Alex Browning

YORK UNIVERSITY ATKINSON FACULTY OF LIBERAL AND PROFESSIONAL STUDIES SCHOOL OF ADMINISTRATIVE STUDIES AK/ADMS 1010 3.0 ALL SECTIONS BUSINESS IN THE CANADIAN CONTEXT FINAL EXAMINATION – FALL 2008 WEIGHTING OF GRADES – SECTIONS A, B, C, D, G, H & I E & J MID-TERM ASSIGNMENT 40% 35% PARTICIPATION 10% FINAL EXAMINATION 60% 55% PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. 1. THIS IS A TAKE HOME FINAL EXAMINATION. IT IS BEING ISSUED ON FEBRUARY 13, 2009 ON EACH SECTION’S COURSE WEBSITE, AS WELL HARD COPIES OF THE FINAL EXAMINATION ARE AVAILABLE AT THE SCHOOL OF ADMINISTRATIVE STUDIES IN ROOM 282 OF ATKINSON. IT IS DUE ON FEBRUARY 25, 2009 AND IS TO BE SUBMITTED BY UPLOADING AN MS WORD FILE ACCORDING TO THE INSTRUCTIONS LISTED BELOW. PLEASE TRY TO UPLOAD YOUR FILE BETWEEN 10:00 AM AND 2:00 PM ON FEBRUARY 25, 2009. 2. YOUR FINAL EXAMINATION MUST BE TYPED. ANSWER ALL FOUR (4) QUESTIONS FULLY AND COMPLETELY IN AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE USING A TOTAL OF ABOUT 2000 WORDS. HOWEVER, BE AWARE OF THE VALUE ASSIGNED TO EACH QUESTION AS A GUIDLINE IN WRITING YOUR ANSWERS. AS EACH ANSWER IS GRADED OUT OF 25 MARKS, THINK OF ORGANIZING AND PRESENTING YOUR ANSWERS IN 500 WORDS PER QUESTION. NUMBER AND ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS SEPARATELY IN AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE. EXTENSIVE USE AND VISIBLE REFERENCE TO THEORETICAL COURSE CONTENT AND ASSIGNED ARTICLES ARE EXPECTED AND NECESSARY FOR A SATISFACTORY GRADE. 3. A BIBLIOGRAPY IS REQUIRED. PROPER ACADEMIC CITATION OF SOURCES IS REQUIRED WHEN USING ANOTHER PERSON’S IDEAS OR WRITING AS ONE’S OWN TO COMPLY WITH YORK UNIVERSITY SENATE POLICY ON ACADEMIC HONESTY. THIS FINAL EXAMINATION IS TO BE COMPLETED INDEPENTLY IN COMPLIANCE WITH YORK UNIVERSITY POLICY ON ACADEMIC HONESTY AS FOUND ON THE FOLLOWING WEBSITE: document=69#_Toc89156087 4. PROCEDURE FOR SUBMITTING FINAL EXAMINIATIONS. Submitting assignments ONLINE to the Office of Computing Technology and e-Learning Services How do I submit THE FINAL EXAMINATION? Step 1: Go to: Step 2: Login to the system with your Atkinson Web account user id and student number. Your user id is the first part of your York Student E-mail account. For example: where your York Student E-mail account is [email protected], your user id is joes. STUDENT NUMBER: 909200900 (with no spaces) To obtain an Atkinson Web account. Step 3: Choose your course from the list of your enrolled distance courses Step 4: Upload your final examination and fill out the required Course Cover Form Students can upload by simply attaching their final examination files from the detailed instructions on the web site. If you wish to resubmit before the final examination deadline we will print your most RECENT submission. Step 5: Submit and keep a print out copy of your confirmation of submission Some final suggestions: • On every page of your final examination you should note your name, student # and page #. • Your final examination should be submitted by the due date: otherwise it will be marked late. • Always keep a backup copy of your final examination file. Experiencing difficulties when submitting your final examination online? If you are experiencing any technical difficulties on your end, please call the Office of Computing Technology and e-Learning Services at 416- 736-5831 immediately. If you experience difficulties outside of regular business hours than you may e-mail your final examination to the Office of Computing Technology and e-Learning Services at: [email protected] or fax it to 416. 736-5637 and include a note as to why you could not submit your final examination via the online Web site. Please make sure you submit your final examination ON TIME, otherwise you will have marks deducted for lateness. What happens after you submit your final examination? The Office of Computing Technology and e-Learning Services will produce hard copies of the online submissions and pass them on to the instructors to be marked. All final examinations are date stamped and a log in record is kept. Possible reasons why you are encountering proble
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