ADMS 2400 Final Exam Notes

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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 2400
Sabrina Deutsch Salamon

Organizational Behaviour Notes Organizational Behaviour OB is the field of study devoted to understanding explaining and ultimately improving the attitudes and behaviours of individuals and groups in organizationsOutcomes of OBindividual outcomesJob Performance Organizational commitment What factors affect the two primary OB outcomes individual mechanisms 1Job satisfaction 2stress 3motivation 4trust justice and ethics 5learning and decision makingBuilding a Conceptual Argument Resourcebased view a model that argues that rare and inimitable resources help firms maintain competitive advantage What makes resource ValuableRare and inimitable resource value Inimitable history numerous small decisions socially complex resourcesRule of Oneeightsthe belief that at best oneeight or 12 percent of an organization will actually do what is required to build profits by putting people firstCharacteristics OB is multidisciplinary in natureOB focuses on three levels of analysisindividuals groups and organizationsOB applies the scientific method to practical managerial problemsOB seeks to improve organizational effectiveness and the quality of life at workScientific Method Correlation rDescribes the statistical relationship between two variablesCan be positive or negative and range from 0 no statistical relationship to1 a perfect statistical relationshipMetaanalysis a method that combines the results of multiple scientific studies by essentially calculating a weighted average correlation across studieswith larger studies receiving more weight Moderators and Mediators Moderating variable a variable that changes increases or decreases the otherwise established effect of the independent variable upon the dependent variable Mediating variable A variable that explains a relation between variables or provides a causal link between themTheory a collection of verbal and symbolic assertions that specify how and why variables are related as well as they conditions in which they should should not be related HypothesesWritten predications that specify relationships between variablesResearch Methods in OBWhat is Job Performance Job performanceemployee behaviours that contribute either positively or negatively to the accomplishment of organizational goalsTask performance positivelyCitizenship behaviour positivelyCounterproductive behaviour negativelyTask Performance Task performance includes employee behaviours that are directly involved in the transformation of organizational resources into the goods or services that the organization producesRoutine task performance involves wellknown or habitual responses by employees to predictable task demands Adaptive task performance thoughtful responses by an employee to unique or unusual task demandsCreative Task Performance ideals or physical outcomes that are both novel and useful Job Analysis A process by which an orgainzation determines requirments of specific jobs National Occupational Classification a national database of occupatios in Canada organizing over 30000 job titles into 520 occupational groups descriptions Citizenship Behaviour Voluntary employee activities that contributing to organizational goals by improving the context in which work takes placeInterpersonalOrganizational Interpersonal Citizenship BehaviouroDiscretionary acts that go beyond normal job expectations to assist support and develop coworkers and colleaguesHelping assisting coworkers who have heavy workload aiding them with personal matters and showing new employees the ropes when they are first on the job Courtesy sharing important information with coworkers Sportsmanship maintaining a positive attitude with coworkers through good and bad times Organizational Citizenship Behaviours
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