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1Chapter 1Information System Concepts and ManagementInformation Technology IT An organizations collection of information resources the users of these resources and the management that oversees these resources Data Item Elementary description of things events activities and transactions that are recorded classified and stored but are not organized to convey any specific meaning Eg Student ID GPAInformation Data organized so that they have meaning and value to the recipient Eg Lists of students name and their overall GPAKnowledge Data andor information organized and processed to convey understanding experience accumulated learning and expertise as they apply to a current problem or activity Eg experience tells student with GPA over 30 work well so interview only whose GPA over 3Information Technology Architecture A highlevel map or plan of the information assets in an organization which guides current operations and is a blueprint for future directionsInformation Technology Infrastructure The physical facilities IT components IT services and IT personnel management that support an entire organizationoIT components are computer hardware software communication technology that provides fundamental IS IT personnel use IT component to produce IT service data management system development security concerns Information System IS Collects processes stores analyzes and disseminates information for a specific purpose Since most IS are CBIS IS often refers to CBIS Computerbased Information System CBIS An information system that uses computer technology to perform some or all of its intended tasksHardware is a device such as a processor monitor keyboard or printerSoftware is a program or collection of programs that enable hardware to process dataNetwork is a connecting system wireline or wireless that permits different computers to share resourcesDatabase is a collection of related files or tables containing dataProcedures are the set of instructions about how to combine the above components in order to process information and generate the desired outputPeople are those individuals who use the hardware and software interface with it or uses its output Application program or Applications is a computer program designed to support a specific taska business process or another application program2
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