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ADMS 2511
Donna Rex

APADMS 2511 Midterm Examination October 19 2013ANSWER KEYQuestion 1 Page 1Question 1 18 marks60 minutesNapoleon is a company with over 400 employees in Barrie Ontario and it is one of North Americas largest privately owned manufacturers of high quality wood and gas fireplaces gourmet gas and charcoal grills Napoleons commitment to producing quality products combined with honest reliable service has provided a successful framework for continued rapid growth of the company since its beginnings as a small steel fabrication business in 1976Napoleon works with its customers to design and implement innovative features and holds numerous patents for advanced stateoftheart gas fireplace barbecue grill technology such as Infrared grillingThe companys website provides customers with product information help in finding distributors and assistance in assembling its productsThe website also provides secured product ordering and account management features for dealers of its productsNapoleon has integrated IT into both its longterm planning and its daily operations This stems from the view of the executive team that IT is key to their business both when providing services to customers and in internal functionsANapoleons IT department has not previously done any IT strategic plan The CIO would like to know more about what steps to follow to develop an IT strategic plan Provide a definition for IT steering committee and explain the role it plays in the process of creating an IT strategic plan Apply your answer to the case of Napoleon 4 marksDefinition of IT steering committee2marksCh 1 page 6Composed of a group of managers and staff representing various organizational units along with the head of the IT departmentRole of the IT steering committee in in the process of creating an IT strategic plan for Napoleon 2 marksCh 1 page 6 1 mark per commentEstablishes IT priorities and ensures that the MIS function is meeting the enterprises needsTo link corporate strategy and IT strategy oin Napoleon the IT steering committee would focus on using IT to help the organization provide excellent customer service as well as efficient and effective internal functions To approve the allocation of resources for the MIS functionoat Napoleon the IT steering committee would have been involved in approving the resourcing of initiatives to develop a public website as well as the webbased dealer servicesTo establish performance measures for the MIS function and ensure they are metoNapoleons IT steering committee would be involved in establishing performance measures such as system availability minimizing downtime controlling IT project and operations costs
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