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Week 10 – Training and Development Applications.docx

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 3410
Paul Fairlie

Week 10Training and Development Applications Leadership and Management DevelopmentLeadership and management LeadersoArticulate vision set direction transformchange individuals and organizations highly personaltaking risk Managers oPlan direct control meeting budgets maintain equilibrium redefine current performance statusquo orientation Leaders also manage but the vast majority of managers are not leadersCorporate executives and politicians want to be perceived as dynamic leaders despite ample evidence of their micro managing controlling behaviours Management is focused on control order and consistency It is very much unidirectionaltopdownplanning budgeting organizing establishing rules controlling and problem solvingLeadership is focused on producing change and movement It is very much multidirectional It involves creating a vision strategies communicating building teams and commitment motivating and empowering and are also risk takersThese behaviour sets ar
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