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Summary MT 2 Module 5 Part 1Employment testing Conduct a review on job applicants Develop a long list of applicants arrange visits to the company Conduct RJPs tests and interviews Identify leading candidates complete background checks and make hiring recommendations Employment Testing A standardized procedure used to obtain a sample of a persons behavior and to describe that behavior with the aid of some measurementWide use of tests Schools counselling centers clinical settings and etc In business its used to hire promote and to identify training needs Central requirement IS Validity Tests must accurately assess the individuals performance or capacity to perform the essential components of the job in question safely efficiently and reliablyoReliability and validity is neededoUtility and being able to pay is required oIt also provides legal defensibilityRights of individuals being testedoInformed consent oAccess to results oPrivacy and confidentiality oLanguage and culture oDisability accommodationTesting rigor or standardsoHas to have professional guidelines oCode of ethics Test administrators has to be licensed and qualified Buying readymade tests yes possible should have a validity generalization Selection tests Drug test lots of employees now tend to use drugs Employer will have to incur a cost and responsibility of any action that is done by the employee oDrug testing in US could cause negligent hiring Preemployment and postemployment offer oDrug testing in Canada Random alcohol testing of employees in safety sensitive jobs Drug and alcohol testing for reasonable cause or postaccident discovery Periodic or random testing following disclosure of a current alcohol or drug dependency or abuse problem Mandatory disclosure of present or past drug dependency or alcohol abuseDrug test is valid Reliable has face validity expensive and supports legality Honesty test tests honesty integrity work ethics and motivation Typically inexpensive and inoffensive Its legal and should only meet the professional and scientific standards but nothing personal Two typesoCovert Hoganare subtests or scales that are included in a general personality inventory for example Reliability scale for Hogan inventory test which is commonly used to check honesty and reliability for employees oOvert honesty test asks very direct question about individuals attitude towards theft and other forms of dishonesty Both checks for confession of dishonest behaviorTolerance for dishonest behavior If the employer hires a person and the person is bullying another person its the employers responsibility for not checking that bullys honesty and integrity There are trick questions to really track down the applicant First they gauge whether you are telling the truth Never ever told a lie Such assertions are a red flagHave you ever observed someone stretching the rules at work What did you do about itTake the test proposition that rules have to be following to the letter at all times I have agreed to this only strongly rather than very strongly or totally and now Roberta wants to know whyThere are tolerant questions how tolerant are you for dishonesty And there are confession questions how often you make international phone calls from work Honesty test is valid 41 reliable to a certain extend face validity is there paper and pencil is cheap interview is expensive and its legal Ability test oAbility Enduring general traits or characteristics on which people differ and which they bring to a work situation oAptitude A specific narrow ability or skill that may be used to predict job performanceoWide range of abilities tested physical mechanical intelligence or cognitive ability perceptual Perceptual ability is the capacity of children to accurately interpret or give meaning to what is seen Generally a number of specific skills fall into this category including visual discrimination or the ability to distinguish one visual pattern from anotheroPhysicalmechanical abilities Skill Refers to an individuals degree of proficiency or competency on a given task that develops through performing the taskMechanical abilities Traitscharacteristics involving useapplication of muscle force over varying periods of time either alone or in conjunction with an ability to maintain balance or gross body coordinationWork sample tests and simulationsfidelity Also for testing sensoryperceptualspatial abilitiesOne of the best ways to achieve validity and diversity
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