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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 3660
Mark Schwartz

ADMS 3660 Practice Mid-Term Questions Part One –Multiple Choice – Choose the best response (30 % - 20 questions – 1.5 marks each) Example: David is the decision-maker. Of the following possible scenarios, which one would utilitarianism suggest is the morally appropriate scenario for David to select? a) David (1 unit pleasure) + Susan (9 units pleasure) b) David (9 units pain) + Susan (20 units pleasure) c) David (5 unit pleasure) + Susan (5 units pleasure) d) David (3 unit pleasure) + Susan (3 units pleasure) + John (4 units pleasure) e) David (12 units of pleasure) + Susan (2 units pain) Part Two –Brief Answer (10% - 5 questions of two marks each) Example: Identify one criticism of utilitarianism. Part Three – Short Answer (10% - 2 questions of five marks each) Example: In the movie Quiz Show, the contestant Charles Van Doren struggles over whether to participate in a rigged game show. He asks the question: “I wonder what Kant would say?” What would Kant recommend Charles do and why? Part Four – Short Essay/Case Analysis (50 %- 50 marks) Example: Read the following media story. Do you agree or disagree with the decision of Best Buy to open on a public holiday? Apply each of the seven possible moral standards to the full extent
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