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York University
ANTH 2100
Tamara Kelly

TermsFive good emperors Nerva Trajan Hadrian Antoninus Pius and Marcus AureliusAntaraxiaquietist resignation inward imperturbabilityAger publicius Public land of Rome acquired by conquest or from rebellious allies of Rome owned by the Roman state and leased out to its citizensAmbrose Christian writer orator and Bishop of Milan classically educated excommunicated emperor TheodosiusArianism Christian heresy of the fourth century named after Alexandrian presbyter Arius who held that the Son Jesus or the Word was distinct in essence from the Father GodAugustine Latinique Christian rhetorician orator Neoplatonist philosopher bishop and saint from AlgeriaBishops Spiritual leaders of the first Christian communities and the ChurchBrutus Supporter of Pompey who was later forgiven by Caesar leader of the assassination of Caesar in 44bc committed suicide in 42bcCaligula Roman emperor alienated the senate and army was murdered in Rome with his wife an daughterCassius Supporter of Pompey who was later forgiven by Caesar leader of the assassination of Caesar in 44bc committed suicide in 42bcCatiline Corrupt and politically frustrated Roman patrician who revolted against RomeCato the Elder Roman soldier censor and writer argued for the destruction of Carthage Catullus Late Roman republican lyric poet wrote poems about the illfated love of Lesbia and about contemporary Roman politicians including Julius Caesar Centuriate Assembly Centuriate Assembly of Rome a democratically based assembly that elected higher Roman magistrates including consuls declared war and peace enacted laws and served as court of appeal Cicero Romes greatest orator consul of 63bc destroyed the conspiracy of Catiline murdered by Mark Antonys agentsCommodus Roman emperor son and successor of Marcus Aurelius devoted to gladiatorial games strangled his memory was damned Council of Plebs an assembly of Romes poorer citizens that elected tribunes of te plebs and aediles and enacted plebiscites Constantine Roman emperor favored Christians and Christianity founded Constantinople was baptized near deathConsul Title of two annual chief magistrates of Rome elected in the Century Assembly whose powers were military command and the right to summon the senate and the people Dictator Roman republican magistracy nominated by a Roman magistrate following authorization by the Senate appointed to command armies or performs a set task originally meant to last 6 monthsGnosticism Early Roman imperial religious movement emphasizing cosmic dualism and the connection between humanity and divinity influenced by Jewish apocalyptic thought and perhaps Platonic dialogues Holy Trinity Christian idea of a single divinity with three aspects The Father The Son and The Holy SpiritLatafundia Large estates in Italy and eventually the provinces of the Roman Empire composed of aggregated properties usually worked by slavesLogosis The Word of God the second person of the Trinity A pervading cosmic idea or spirit of creativity or rationalityLivy major Roman professional historianchronicled the history of Romehis primary flaws were his military inexperience erratic use od sources and lack of knowledge of Roman institutionsMark Antony Roman general and righthand man of Julius Caesar triumvir defeated by the forces of Augustus committed suicideMoses In the Hebrew Bible the leader of the Hebrews out of Egypt
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