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BIOL 1000
Hernan Humana

Intro to Phys I Tissues : groups of cells with similar structure and specialized function. The four types of tissues are CEMN- connective, epithelial, nervous, muscle. Muscle tissues contract to generate forces: three type of muscle tissues are skeletal, smooth and cardiac Nervous tissues transmit electrical impulses Epithelial tissues exchange materials between the cell and its environment. Organized into sheets and secretory glands. (exo and endocrine glands) Connective tissue connects supports and anchors various body parts: few cells dispersed with an abundance of extracellular material Organs: two or more types of primary tissues that function together to perform a particular function or functions – stomach has epithelial lining, smooth walls, nervous contractions and connective tissue to bind all the above. Human body has 11 systems Homeostasis: maintaining a relatively stable internal environment Homeostatic factors: concentration of nutrient molecules, concentration of O2 and CO2, concentration of waste products, pH, concentration of water salt and other electrolytes, volume and pressure, temp Carbs: defined by structure- humans digest starch not cellulose. We store as glycogen Lipids: insoluble in h20- fatty acids triglycerides cholesterols steroids (not dense and surplus nrgy) complex lipid examples: cell membranes (cholesterol) and hormones (cortisol) *lipids do have some amino acids but not much* Proteins: defined by structure – enzymes and amino acids. 20 common amino acids, not just 20. Main structure of cells. Question: what is an essent
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