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Midterm 1 learning objectives

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BIOL 1001
Tamara Kelly

Learning objectivesExplain in general terms how the Earths shape affects the intensity of solar radiation across latitudes Comprehensionwhen sunlight strikes earth directly at a 90 degree anglenear equator it travels the shortest possible distance through the atmosphere and falls on the smallest possible surface area when sunlight arrives at a wider anglenear the poles it travels a longer distance through the atmosphere and shines on a larger area thus solar radiation is more concentrated near the equator than it is at higher latitudes causing latitudinal variation in earths temperatureDefine the three different types of biodiversity species communityecological genetic Knowledge Speciesa group of populations in which the individuals are so closely related in structurebiochemistry and behaviour that they can successfully interbreedcommunity populations of all species that occupy the same areaDefine terms describing the hierarchy of life biosphere ecosystem community population multicellular organism and cell Knowledge biosphereall regions of earths crust waters and atmosphere that sustain life ecosystema group of biological communities interacting with their shared physical enviromentpopulationA group of organisms of one species that interbreed and live in the same place at the same time multicellular organismindividual consisting of interdependent cellscellsmallest unit with the capacity to live and reproduceUse the terms species individual and organism appropriately individualA single separate organism animal or plant distinguished from others of a same kind organism An individual living thing that can react to stimuli reproduce grow and maintain homeostasis It can be a virus bacterium protist fungus plant or an animal Explain how the term species can vary between groups of organisms when we say species it means the different types and shapes within one group of similar organism egmammalswe do not know the exact number of species exist on earth since its impossible for us to see some of them in just our naked eyeExplain briefly how an organism can be classified according to factors other than physical features grouping of organismsgrouping by how organisms obtain carbonplants are autotrophssynthesize organic carbon molecules using inorganic carbon animals are heterotrophsobtain carbon from organic molecules oxides containing carbon are considered inorganic molecules grouping by how the obtain energy to carry on heir daily activitieschemotrophsobtain energy by oxidizing inorganic or organic substances phototrophsobtain energy from lightDefine abiotic biotic and species richness describe in general terms abiotic and biotic factors that affect species distributionrichness Knowledge Comprehension abiotic Nonbiologicaloften in reference to physical factors in the environment biotic biological often in reference to living components of the environment factors such as the climateavailability of food and other factors organisms would not be able to survive without decide how organisms will be distributed over the earth Describe the cause of variation in solar radiation intensity and seasonality on Earth Comprehension
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