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Reading Quiz 3 Membranes & Membrane Transport, Chapter 5.docx

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York University
BIOL 1500

Reading Quiz 3: Membranes & Membrane Transport, Chapter 5 This quiz is on Membranes/Membrane transport: Ch 5. There are 10 questions. You will only be allowed to attempt the quiz once; you have a maximum of 60 mins to complete the quiz. You will be able to see your score after the quiz closes at 23:55 Sunday. Instructions o Do NOT start the quiz if you aren't ready to answer questions; o Click Save without submitting after answering each question; o Click Submit all and finish when finished with the quiz; o The timer runs over top of the questions, so open a big enough window in order to clearly view the questions. o NB: Leaving the quiz does not stop the timer! o Make sure that your browser is set to the recommended browser settings. For more information on browser settings, see: o If possible, use a cable connection, rather than wireless to reduce the likelihood of interruption while answering a question.If you run into difficulty because of useing wireless, we cannot reset the test for you. If you are having issues with the quiz - please: 1) check your browser settings and/or change the browser you are using; 2) see the forums for suggestions from other students re: set up of browswer; and 3) call/email the helpdesk (go to 'My courses' - first page once you enter Moodle - under Resources at side of page 'Resources for students'). Please remember - issues with the quiz (other than a full-out Moodle fail), quiz submission, clickers, etc., are accounted for by the marking scheme for your Activities mark - 'the lowest 20% of clicker questions/quizzes (including zeroes) will be dropped from the student’s score' (see the Course Outline). This is to account for a missed class (e.g., due to illness or other reasons), forgotten clickers, issues with quiz submissions, etc. Question 1 Correct Mark 1.00 out of 1.00 0 qaid=442618&qub 0 Flag question Question text 3 Which of the following is NOT true regarding facilitated transport across a membrane? Select one: a. The rate of transport will plateau when transporters are saturated. b. It is usually highly specific in terms of the substrate that is transported. c. It requires transport proteins. d. It involves movement of substances against the concentration gradient. Feedback The correct answer is: It involves movement of substances against the concentration gradient. Question 2 Correct Mark 1.00 out of 1.00 0 qaid=442623&qub 0 Flag question Question text 3 Which of the following statments about membrane protein is true? Select one: a. membrane protein are more mobile and move faster than lipids within the membrane. b. recepto proteins are usually found on the inner surface of the membrane. c. some membrane proteins do not move at all within the membrane. d. Protein makes up 50% of myelin membrane in nerve fibres. Feedback The correct answer is: some membrane proteins do not move at all within the membrane. Question 3 Correct Mark 1.00 out of 1.00 0 qaid=442615&qub 0 Flag question Question text 3 The ____ component of the cell membrane functions as a selective barrier, while the ____ component has specific functions such as transport, recognizing other cells, and binding to other cells. Select one: a. lipid; carbohydrate b. carbohydrate; protein c. protein; lipid d. pro
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