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BIOL 2020
K Wheaton

70 Kg male requires how much ATP 83 kg/day ATP recycled from ADP how many times 300/day ETC where? Innermembrane of mito Oldest mito ancestor and which one now R. prowazekii, reclinomonas Americana has 97 genes Mito membranes Outer: permeable to small molecules, VDAC inner: impermeable to all ions, so use transporter shuttles NADH and FADH2 pathways NADH +H++1/2 O2NAD+ +H2O FADH2+1/2O2FAD +H2O BOTH CREAT ATP Positice E not Better electron acceptors Reduction potential equation Delta G=-nHdeltaE How is NADH oxidized , electron flow Passing electrons to FMN, electrons flow towards higher electron affinity Why does FADH2 come in later Lower reduction potential ETC pathway NADHNADH reductase complexubiquinone (FADH2 comes in thru succinate dehydrogenase)cytochrome reductase complexcytochrome Ccytochrome c oxidase complex O2 goes to H2O Oxidized vs. Reduced Fe, coenzyme Q Fe3+, Fe2+, coenzyme Q has more than does? one 5C isoprene unit and renders molecule hydrophobic and allows to diffuse rapidly within inner mito membrane 3 states of quinone Fully oxidized (2 keto groups, Q), addition of 1 electron (semiquinone radical anion), addition of a second electron and proton (ubiquinol (QH2), Qpool (Q and QH2)hydrophobic Proton pumps NADH-Q-oxidoreductase, Q-cytochrome cc oxidoreductase, cytochrome c oxidase. Electron flow allows protons to be pumped across membrane (inner) Describe effects of complex one Pumps 4 H+ out and 2H+ uptaken, electrons transferred from NADHFMNFMNH2Fe-S. 2 electrons cause the 4H pump. Cytochrome C Catalyze transfer of electrons from QH2 and succinate reductase to cytochrome c (oxidized), transports 2H to cytoplasmic side Describe Q cycle One electron to cytochrome c and other to bound Q to form radical Q-, the radical Q dissociates and enters the Q pool, now second QH2 gives up electrons to reduce radical to QH2, it uptakes 2 H from matrix Cytochrome C oxidase , pathways Catalyzes transfer of electrons from reduced form of cyto C to molecular O, 4 elect
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