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[Exam Tutorial] CHEM1001 Section N Winter 2012 Term Test 2 Questions

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CHEM 1001

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Quiz 2 section N– 1 March 2012 Marks 0 -1 [5] 1 N 2 3 (g)composes to NO (g) and NO (g) wi2h a H = 40.5 KJ mol according to the equilibrium: N 2 (3) NO (g) + NO (g2 What effect will the following changes have on the position of the equilibrium? Circle the correct answer (a) More H O (g) is added, volume stays fixed: 2 3 Shift left Shift right stay the same (b) More NO (g) is added, volume stays fixed: 2 Shift left shift right stay the same (c) The volume of the reaction flash is increased: Shift left shift right stay the same (d) The temperature is lowered: Shift left shift right stay the same (e) add He (g) while keeping the volume fixed: Shift left shift right stay the same [2] 2 consider the following reaction: 3H 2g) + N (2) 2NH (3) -3 For this reaction the value of K ip 6.5 x 10 at 723 K. For the following mixture indicate If the system is a
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