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Determining the Unknown.docx

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CHEM 2020
Rajeshwari Iyer

Feb, 17, 2013 Determining the Unknown Name of test Reaction is positive if Bromine test under the dark (for the Turn clear presence of a double bond) Bromine test under the light (radical, for Acidic litmus paper indicate a positive the presence of an alkane) test AlCl3/CHCl3 (for aromatic only) Turns blue 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine (for the Forms orange-yellow precipitate presence of a carbonyl, [ketone or aldehyde, or carboxylic acid]). {alcohols do not react here} Test with KMnO4 (alkenes/ alkynes only) Turned brown Hinsberg test: Amines test -Soluble in water, not in acid= primary amine -insoluble in water and acid= secondary amine -soluble in acid, not in water= tertiary amine Urethane Derivative test (to see if the Precipitate forms alcoholic compound has more than 5 carbons, by testing its solubility, a precipitate=greater than 5 C) Lucas test (determine if alcohol is primary, Turns to white particles, and dependent secondary, or tertiary) on time measurements fast rxn=tertiary, slow rxn=secondary, very slow or no rxn= primary Sodium test (indicates if an alcohol is Turns to a white precipitate, using litmus present)
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