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Midterm 3 Review Review for midterm 3.

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York University
CRIM 2650
Livy Visano

2122011 65100 PM Neo liberalismerasing the economic state dismantling the social state and strengthening the penal state are all consequences of neoliberalismo those who total want to strengthen the penal state are those who yesterdaydemanded the end of big government in the social and economic front This may seem contradictory but its not because what it does is to punish povertyoon one hand it wants to punish the poor and deskilled and deregulated labor market while having an onmiprescnet penal state The result of this is make the lower classes accept low wages and to accept being criminalizedNeo Liberalism and CritiqueoNeoliberalism is regarded as wrong knowledge of society and of the economyand should be replaced by impartial knowledge This is because with the current rules of society would not let neoliberalism survive neither would with the laws in place neoliberalism as an ideologyo Neoliberalism as an extension of the economy into the domain of politics triumph of capitalism over the state neoliberalism as an economic political entity o The destructive effects of neoliberalism on individuals and on societyneoliberalism as practical antihumanism The problems with these critiques is that they critique the same elements they are founded on They operate by confronting knowledge and power power and subject economy and the state They are bridged through governmentalitythat couples these dualism by coupling forms of knowledge strategies of power and technologies of self Thus bringing an understanding of the current political situation
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