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ECON 1900
Julie Dowsett

Chapter 1Hardware HistoryoFirst GenerationVacuum tubes to hold informationMemory device was magnetic drum that rotates under a read write headInput device was a card readerOutput device was a punched card line printerUsed magnetic tapes to store information oSecond GenerationTransistorImmediate access memory was invented with magnetic core that were strung together Magnetic Disk Unlike a tape you can access the data immediately without going through all the dataoThird generationIntegrated circuitsThe number of circuits that are able to be put on a single integrated circuit was doubling every year known as Moores LawKeyboard ScreenoFourth Generation Large scale integration Moores law modified to doubling every 18 monthsAge of personal computerAgain Moores law modified to say computers will double in power at the same price every 18 months or halve in price for the same power every 18 monthsSoftware HistoryoFirst Gen
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