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York University
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
EECS 1520
John Hofbauer

Name: _______________________________, ___________________________________ (Last name) (First name) Student ID#: __________________________________ Registered Section: _________ Instructor: Lew Lowther Solutions York University Faculty of Pure and Applied Science Department of Computer Science CSE 1520.03 COMPUTER USE: Fundamentals Test 1 – Version A October, 2008 Instructions: ● This is an in class examination, therefore examination rules are in effect. ● Fill in the box at the top of this page, and print your ID# at the top of each other page. ● Answer ALL questions. ● Use of calculators is NOT permitted. ● There are 5 pages of questions. Please count them. Part Value Mark A 5 ______ B 7 ______ C 7 ______ D 7 ______ E 3 ______ F 11 ______ G 10 ______ Total: 50 ______ CSE 1520 Test 1 – Fall ‘08 ID#:____________ Part A [5 points] – Enter a number in each space. Indicate the generation in which each of these software concepts was first used. COBOL _____2 Java _____5 operating systems _____3 spreadsheets _____4 systems programmers _____1 Part B [7 points] – Complete the table. A pattern of binary digits can be interpreted in several different ways. Show how the pattern 01101110 translates using each of the following interpretations. [1 each] unsigned integer 110 integer in 2’s complement notation +110 integer in excess notation -18 Hexadecimal short form 6E Octal short form 156 floating point notation +3½ ASCII n Version A Page 2 of 6 Part C [7 points] – Circle the LETTER of the best answer 1. In CSE1520, how many of a student’s test grades can be annulled? a) None b) Only Test 2 c) Only Test 1 d) 0, 1, or 2 2. At what point in the course can a student in CSE1520 annul a test grade? a) Before the test b) At the end of the term c) Immediately after the test d) Never 3. In CSE1520, how many of a student’s lab grades can be annulled? a) A maximum of 2 b) All c) A maximum of half those submitted d) None 4. An Excel worksheet that contains operational instructions would usually be called: a) Comments b) Parameters c) Graph d) Summary e) Main Data 5. A cell in a spreadsheet can contain: a) a formula b) a literal value c) a literal string d) all of the above e) none of these 6. In Excel, the best style for formulas is to a) use relative cell addresses b) use absolute cell addresses c) use a mixture of types of cell addresses d) use named ranges e) avoid formulas 7. As a default, a number typed into a cell is a) centred b) ignored c) interpreted as dates d) right justified e) left justified CSE 1520 Test 1 – Fall ‘08 ID#:____________ Part D [7 points] – Put the proper LETTER in each blank. 1) The process of converting sound to digital data is called _________. a) digitizing b) reset c) encoding d) sampling e) reclocking 2) In general, the process of converting analog data to digital data is called ________. a) digitizing b) reset c) encoding d) sa
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