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EN 3176 Midterm Exam Notes (Fall 2011)

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EN 3176
Christian Leveille

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EN 3176 Midterm Exam Notes Yellow Kid 18951898Richard Felton OutcaultHogarths hedonistic views on corruption in society and Buschs messages to the poorRealismPhotography The way American society is portrayed in Yellow KidImmigrationClasses Sympathy to the poor mocking the wealthy and powerful Racial stereotypes labor strikes xenophobia technology and language and Social Darwinism were portrayed through the various colors violence satire and humor of the comic Buster Brown 19021921Richard Felton OutcaultUnlike Yellow Kid Buster Brown takes place in a middle class home than the slumsStruggling between societys desirable appearance reminiscent of Little Lord Fauntleroy Buster is a force that challenges these norms of society through forms of disobedienceIssues and messages about conformity Freudian Id Ego and Superego as the inner conflict of the human soul Conventional routine versus immorality as the forces Little Nemo 19051914 19241927Winsor McCayFreudian Psychoanalysis pleasurable desires and the sexual undertone of orgasm create an unstable psychosexual balance due to the hesitation of the ego to make its decisionsThe dreamland as a shift phase between reality and dream as well as the complexity of immigration to a funhouse full of mysteries paradoxes and racial stereotypesTechnology skyscrapers cities electricity and hedonism contributed to the rapid development of society as a closer approach to the complexity of Slumberland Little Sammy Sneeze 19041906 and Gertie the Dinosaur 1914Winsor McCayFreuds Dream Analysis Another unconscious conflict between the id and superego without the stable mediation of the ego to balance Sammys habit of sneezing
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