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Review of lectures for final exam

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Jonathan Warren

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Eight Pagers SAMIZDAT- The secret publication and distribution of government-banned literature in the USSR; the literature produced by this system; an underground press.  Copied by hand and distributed within those who trusted each other.  Reavealed that superman, gave us stories of superman’s tiny penis. Undermine American intelligence.  Bugs Bunny – sassy, vervained, witty, attractive. We all want to identify with the bunny. Small minded decency, experimentalism, conservatism, underground subversiveness and mainstream control.  Smart-alecs, city accents, handles carrots like cigars, street urchin.  Basic message- law is arbitrary, mainstream is harsh and foolish, irreverence is exciting, transgression is attractive, mischief is desirable.  In Road-Runner, systematic thoughts are absurd, disatifying, leads to failure, striving to fit in.  Power of technology, effectiveness of reason, reason does not succeed for the coyote.  Coyote is so digilgent, will never give up.  Cartoon machine as an animation machine – persuing their desires and screwing up. EC Comics 1. Infuriated the ideas of decency 2. 1954- 40s-50s was an expieremental time. 3. Themes that underground artists became obsessed with 4. Violence and horror, tinged with innocent people victimised by mainstream who did not understand 5. 1960s – those growing up with bugs bunny, were able to read EC before they were banned. 6. Developed quite the hate for the comics code authority 7. MAD was last magazine that endured the code 8. 1960s, explosive. All the children were now in their 20s. This was the culture they grew up in. 9. Generation raised in post war, warped in repressive cold war normality. 10. Tickled by road runner and bugs bunny 11. Drugs had to be added 12. This was not to happen had this generation not been getting high 13. Influence of drugs and psycadelic drug culture 14. Big part of the beat generation 15. Being hit counterculturally, all part of an identity, a main of not being square, mainsteam. 16. Rebuff to those who were squares. 17. Underground artists treated them as a fact of life. No shame, 18. Drugs were thematic, characters 19. Looked like they were drawn by people that were wither high or had expierence of being high 20. Psychedelic designs. -> Hallucinagins, LSD, marijuana, 21. Psychedelic- of or pertaining to, or generating hallucination, distortions of perceptions, and occationally states resembling psychosis 22. Artists assumed ypiu know what drugs did for you. Assumed you knew how they affected you, 23. Fostered a notion of a shared culture between drug users and readers, and anti authoritarism. 24. No uniform form 25. No uniform publishing companies. Haight-Ashbury  Appeared in underground newspapers, published in these alternative neighbourhoods  Shoe-string budgets, black and white,  Depth of meaning vs. commercial comics that are mainstream that look to brainwash  When publishers came up with their own publishs, they printed in limited quantities and in person.  Despised uniformity, a tool of respressive, comerciallized moralism.  What was it that the comics code forbade them to write about? This is the recipe for what the comics came up with.  Encouraged lust, superheroes wore skin tight costumes
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