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Environmental Studies
ENVS 2200
Stefan Kipfer

EXAM REVIEWSTUDY GUIDEWhere do we stand with the EarthWhat does the image of the earth mean to youThat we are not individuals but a very infinitesimally small part of a whole universe that is much greater than us What does the following quote meanwhereas the planet has been the ground for the human population as figure since Sputnik the planet has becomefigure and the satellite surround has become the new ground Once it is contained within a human environmentNature yields its primacy to Artwe now can usurp the earth because it is not part of us it has transitioned form being a mystery to something we could not solve to a problem that does not involve us and can be solved What is the figureground role reversal When an image amy show duality of two things at one time Where faces turn into vases and back again or ducks into rabbits and back again This means the Earth is being reimaged as a human workofartHow does this technological advancement change our perception of the earthWe human beings were the creations of the earth so the earth had power over us But now because of our technological advancements and increasing power over the biosphere and ability to affect the natural system like taking this image we can now grasp the Earth in our minds eye and understand that we have the earth in our grasp What is Gods Eye ViewTo see the world as God in a more vast and objective perspective See the earth from a higher level of consiousness and understand that we can usurp it What is the distinction between problems and mysteriesA problem is something that is in front of us placed or thrown in our path to solve the original Greek word problemata means that which is thrown in frontA mystery is a problem that as one begins to try and solve it starts to involve the solver begins to implicate the solver to the point where the solver is so involved so woven into the problem that he or she can no longer pretend to stand aside from it and take a neutral stancewhich also means we can solve problems if we are objective and not involved in them aka problems not mysteriesWhat is the difference between point source and nonpoint source pollutantspointsource pollutants the place people company whatever who were doing these things could be pointed out and solved and impacts reversed with the help of money and technology like industrial pollutionsmog nonpoint source problems are where the finger points at everyone and modern society and life styles Like longer timescales issues like climate changeand species extinction are problems that cannot be attributed to individual industries or culpritsWhat are ontological assaultsontological assaultsassaults that attack the fabric of beingontos is the Greek word for being the fabric of life itself like someone slashing at a canvas That what we know as health and beautiful nature can be a source or cause of death and danger For example the discovery of acid rain the realization that something beautiful like rain can poison lakes and riversWhat is the difference between shallow and deep ecologiesshallow ecologies which are essentially problem solving strategies and deep ecologies the stance of mystery involving strategiesMonarch ButterfliesWhere are the butterflies goingToronto September to Mexico winter via 2 routes1 northeast to Mexico2 through west America via California to MexicoWhat do they feed onthe monarch caterpillar feeds on milkweed plants which contain several cardiac glycosides What determines their range
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