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Environmental Studies
ENVS 2200
Stefan Kipfer

ENVS 2200 Foundations of Urban and Regional Environments FallWinter 201314Course Director Stefan Kipfer Study GuideMidterm Exam THIS TEXT WILL APPEAR ON THE EXAM SHEET This exam is worth 15 of the final grade It consists of a long essay and 10 shortanswer questions Read the instructions carefully Make sure you fully understand the questions before answering them The overall purpose of the exam is to get you to deal with course materials precisely and creatively A Essay Question The Essay is worth up to 75 marks 15Choose one of the following three options and write a critical essay In response to the question make a clear wellorganized argument based on your recollection of course materials texts movies and lectures All three questions force you to be synthetic by using a generous crosssection of texts 3 OF THESE QUESTIONS WILL APPEAR ON THE DAY OF THE EXAM1 Urban environments today are unsustainable ecologically This has led observers like William Rees to suggest that the word sustainable city is an oxymoron What are the root causes of this lack of urban sustainability Discuss with the help of various course materials reestalk about his essay what is sustainability Selfsufficient as to not deplete future generation resourceswhy are cities unsustainable Because its urban industrial processes are using many resourceseco footprint explain eco of cities give an examplesprawlconsumption creates big ecofootprinturban and indigenous settlements explain why cities with ecofootprint is unsustainable and that its an oxymoron2 Rodriguez and Feagin point out that urban specialization allows us to understand the relationships among cities in a global context Discuss with respect to different types of cities for example imperial cities colonial cities and industrial cities Draw on a range of relevant course materialscritical essay with argumentrefer to specific textIn Toronto has no History Victoria Freemans argument is thatDefine urban specialization when cities specialize in certain types of economic activities3 things that determine urban specializationgeographical location spatial international division of laborcircuit of capital flow of money in and out of a cityimperiallondon citycolonialAlgiers cityindustrialManchester cityDUTCH17CEAmsterdamfinancialship industry and laidentextile specializationmercantile capitalismneed to find new lands to get new resources to expand the empireDutch immigrated to Canada relationship with indigenous people were of good commercial relationships for trade treated them civil and goodwhat were some changed indigenous experience British 19CELondonfinancial capitalManchester industrial citywas nicknamed workshop of the worldthe ring with a yonge street pizza slice straight linebourgeouise Engels recognized class distinctions in manchesterUS CENew yorktexas imperial and industrialargument to show important aspect of whatever and choose the best example for that argumenthow urban specialization affected the spatial organization of the cityhow different factors create urban specializationwhat that means for global networkdevelop the Manchester example and as industrial city and engels writing for spatial specialization3 Friedrich Engels Conditions of the Working Class in England describes class thexploitation and inequality in 19 century England Social inequality remains a central feature of urban life in our capitalist world Discuss with respect to three types of social inequality including but not limited to class relations social inequality
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