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Environmental Studies
ENVS 2200
Stefan Kipfer

2200 Exam Review Essay2 Rodriguez and Feagin point out that urban specialization allows us to understand the relationships among cities in a global context Discuss with respect to different types of cities for example imperial cities colonial cities and industrial cities Draw on a range of relevant course materialsRodriguez and Feagin explained that the advancement of economies in financial and industrial sectors gave rise to global cities They talk about the three stages of capitalistic development mercantile industrial and monopoly When cities specialize in certain types of economic activities its called urban specialization Three hegemonies are discussed Dutch England and USA The Dutch specialized in textile they created conditions that facilitated private enterprise and promoted immigration of business entrepreneurship The British specialized in cotton and when steam engines made coal important that boosted the economy even more again increasing immigration of labor This also caused capitalist from Europe and USA to travel to London to get funds for a range of enterprises making it the central financial function in world economy Lastly USA specialized in the oil industry that supported the steel industry to office work Also there was great privatization and foreign investment in Latin AmericaThe excerpt by YeongHyun Kim and John Rennie Short explains the various trades goods and
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