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HIST 1010 Exam Notes (2010-2011)

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HIST 1010
William Irvine

HIST 1010 Final Exam Notes1 Definitions IdentifyExplain Key Terms from Lecture 2 Short Essays Answer 2 of the Various Questions GivenBased on Themes and Contexta World War IOrigins Causes and Consequences WeltpolitikWilhelm IIIs world policy strategy adopted in 1897 designed for Germany to be on top of Europe It is one of the main causes of the naval race with Britain and World War I Archduke Franz FerdinandArchduke of AustriaHungary until his assassination in 1914 His assassination was the ignition which started World War I and the Alliance Systems Gavrilo PrincipThe Archdukes assassin and Serbian national His actions premeditated the rise of Serbian nationalism and ignited the start of World War I Theobald von BethmannHollwegChancellor of the German Empire until the end of World War I and attempted to stop the naval race between Germany and Britain but failed His efforts to build relations between Britain and Germany were partially a success Helmuth von Moltke the YoungerChief of the German General Staff during World War I His contribution to Germans imperial plans as the key instigator remains a controversial debate Schlieffen PlanGermanys overall plan for victory during World War I The plan shows Germanys aggression to achieve its weltpolitik and imperialism A failed plan The Blank ChequeGermanys unofficial aid to Austria Was Germany guilty of this war Alliance SystemsThe degree to which the alliance system impacted World War I Siding with an ally most likely to win the war Historical ties of alliances before 1900
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