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York University
Health Studies
HLST 2040
Serban Dinca- Panaitescu

HLST 2040 Lecture 3 – January 24, 2014 Discussion of QUIZ ONE: • Help in physical wellness of patient: physiotherapist • Validate data and perform clinical research reports: clinical data specialist • Organizational chart, 2 or more positions for same manager: horizontal line • Provides most patient care in inpatient setting: nurse • Review charts and assign codes: clinical coding specialist • Sub-acute care facilities except: surgical centres • Most facilities have an electronic medical record: false • Emergency department reports directly to the hospital governing board: false • HIM and HIT play different roles and responsibilities in healthcare facilities: false • Not an ambulatory care setting: acute care hospital • First step in inpatient admission and discharge: patient demographic and insurance information is collected • IT technicians maintain and enter health information into computers: false (doctors and nurses) • What is true about physicians: all of the above • All except what departments are commonly found in large acute care facilities: dental • Which is not true about PA: can see patients when a physician is not present • Responsibility of DRG coordinator: optimize reimbursement through correct billing and documentation • Good understandi
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