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HREQ 3010 Chapter Notes - Chapter 6: Ethnocentrism, Stereotype, RacializationExam

Human Rights and Equity Studies
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HREQ 3010
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Kahoot Part 1
We will start with a short Kahoot game to test the basic knowledge of the trainees.
1. Evaluation of other cultures according to preconceptions originating in the standards, and
customs of one’s own culture:
a) Marginalization
b) Systematic discrimination
c) Ethnocentrism
d) Racialization
Correct answer: c) ethnocentrism
2. Equity means treating everyone the same:
a) True
b) False
Correct answer: b) False
3. The process of assuming that everyone in the same ethnic, racial or cultural group act the
same/ share the same belief
a) Stereotyping
b) Prejudice
c) Ethnocentrism
d) Ethnicity
Correct answer: a) stereotyping
4. What is diversity?
a) Where people come together to work towards the same goal
b) To rely on someone
c) Everyone in the workplace should feel like they play a part
d) A complicated term
Correct answer: c) everyone in the workplace should feel like they play a part
5. Subtle discrimination is one of the more complex forms of discrimination
a) True
b) False
Correct answer: b) false
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