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Hrm 3440 lecture 1 notes principle: knowledge management allows organizations to share knowledge and experience among managers and employees. Introduction: groundbreaking work on game theory was pioneered by john nash, the mathematician whose life was profiled in the book and film a beautiful mind. Journals, such as healthcare informatics, report current research on applying computer systems and technology to reduce medical errors and improve health care. Hrm 3440 lecture 2 notes principle: artificial intelligence systems form a broad and diverse set of systems that can replicate human decision making for certain types of well-defined problems. Hrm 3440 lecture 3 notes principle: expert systems can enable a novice to perform at the level of an expert but must be developed and maintained very carefully. If the existing system is operating better than expected or the necessary changes are too expensive relative to the benefits of a new or modified system, the systems development process can be stopped at this stage.

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