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HUMA 1625- Midterm Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 58 pages long!)

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HUMA 1625
Sherry J.F.Rowley

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[HUMA 1625] Comprehensive Fall guide including any lecture notes, textbook notes and exam guides.find more resources at Group Thesis • We theorize that a person’s identity directly reflects that tenets of the dominant cultural fantasies they reside under. Furthermore, we posit that this notion of exploited by the privileged members of a given society in order to meet their own needs and strive off of the oppression of the socially marginalized. We intend to veraciously dissect current issues plaguing Western society, namely: cultural appropriation, overt racism, homophobia, and the disdain towards feminine personalities. Groups Arguments • An individual’s identity is based on the way society perceives them ➢ Social roles – A set of expectations other known as deviant roles, enforced and created not as individuals, but by society • Group arguments are limited due to lack of communication and a late member addition to the group. Individual segment of assignment Due to the lack of communication of the group, I was not assigned a specific issue to discuss regarding identity. Therefore, I chose a topic that relates to the group theme; A Canadians identity is shaped by deviant roles, not their race Individual Thesis • Although Canadians culture celebrates and promotes ethnic and cultural diversity, social norms around the globe attribute Canadians identity to a White-European racial background. This attribute is not only wrong, but misidentifies and marginalize or exclude Canadians that do not meet the expected image Individuals Arguments find more resources at
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