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Study Guides for Humanities at York University


MIDTERM EXAM ANSWERS PART A: Define and explain the significance of five of the following in relation to gender and the law in Canada. Each short answer question should take you approximately 15 minutes to answer. Your res...

HUMA 1860
Eric Bronson
HUMA 1105 Midterm: Events of the Iliad Midterm 1 Notes

HUMA 1105: Midterm Study Guide Events of the Iliad Summarized Book 1 Iliad begins by calling upon Muse (Goddess of poetry) to sing of Achilles rage Chryses (Apollos priest) comes to Achaian/Greek ...

HUMA 1105
HUMA 1865 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Sukkot, Matzo, Hellenization

3 sections Part A: multiple choice 15 Part B: identification of the religion it is associated with, what it means and why it is important 4 questions .Definition of key terms- 5 points each, 5 sentences, 10 on test define...

HUMA 1865
Donald A Burke
HUMA 1105 Study Guide - Final Guide: Latinus, Turnus, Pater Familias

HUMA 1105 REVIEW NOTES SECTION I: TERMS Homer: - Was a poet Nostos: Odysseus: Telemachos: Penelope: Nausikaa: Calypso: Cyclops: Kleos: Elpenor: Eurykleia: Thyestes: Plutarch: Lycaon: Caunus: Byblis...

HUMA 1105
Loredana Kun
HUMA 1105 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Thyestes, Ismene, Sigmund Freud

HUMA 1105 TEST 1 Terminology: Types of Myth: - Boustrophedon: wrote right to left > Semitic *myths are anonymous Divine myths: supernatural beings are the main characters, gods/goddesses (ex. Heracles) Heroic ...

HUMA 1105
Loredana Kun
HUMA 1951- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 100 pages long!)

[HUMA 1951] Comprehensive spring guide including any lecture notes, textbook notes and exam guides.find more resources at THE LOGIC OF DOMINATION Karen Warren, ÃÂ...

HUMA 1951
Deborah Orr

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