KINE 2049 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Empiricism, Amorality, Nuclear Weapon

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A profession only stays and grows if there is constant research happening. A profession advances only by learning new knowledge. Doctors from 100 years ago and doctors now. Do not always trust the media they oftain right stuff that will have the biggest impact on the reader so they can sell more copies/make more money. Most research is done on young white healthy males. Statistics (30% less fat, but less fat then what) Stacking and stoppers - in sport the most important positions are given to white people. International bias - some events involving judging are predetermined even befor they happen. Difference is 50% between 10 and 5 but . 10 out of 500 is 2% of people got sick. 5 out of 500 is 1% of people got sick (absolute) Therefore there is only a change in 1% of people who get sick. Therefore for one person to not get sick 100 people would have to take the drug.

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