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KINE 2049 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Empiricism, Amorality, Nuclear Weapon

Kinesiology & Health Science
Course Code
KINE 2049
Merv Mosher
Study Guide

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Research is about finding solutions to problems.
A profession only stays and grows if there is constant research happening. A Profession
advances only by learning new knowledge.
Ex. Doctors from 100 years ago and doctors now.
Be sceptical
-Do not always trust the media they oftain right stuff that will have the biggest impact on
the reader so they can sell more copies/make more money
-Most research is done on young white healthy males
-Advertisers use
-Parity claimes (nothing better)
-Testimonials (you will look like this)
-Statistics (30% less fat, but less fat then what)
“Stacking and stoppers”- In sport the most important positions are given to white people
“International bias”- Some events involving judging are predetermined even befor they
1000 people
-500 placebo
-500 given the drug
Placebo 10 people get sick
Drug 5 people get sick (relative)
Difference is 50% between 10 and 5 but…
10 out of 500 is 2% of people got sick
5 out of 500 is 1% of people got sick (absolute)
Therefore there is only a change in 1% of people who get sick
The drug only makes a 1% difference
Therefore for one person to not get sick 100 people would have to take the drug.
NNH-Number needed to harm
- How many need to be treated to cause harm (side effects)
Ex. For every 400 people that are treated there is one case of side effects
You want a Low NNT and a High NNH
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