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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1000
Hernan Humana

Plugged in and tuned out 17A:  Relationship between humans and technology...impacts of new technologies on today's generation... o Good, bad and ugly o PA and technology  Invasion of technology: ambivalent means undecided...  ***Tv time tends to be more dominant that internet time  According to the research, almost everyone used some kind of internet on daily basis...  The negative impact of heavy multi-tasking on concentration and focus...has physiological impacts on the brain that severely affects the concentration...  Positive potential: o No. Of schools use technology with children with autism spectrum disorders... o Autism impacts communication and social interaction. o Research into how the non-verbal interface between technology and student is improving communication... o In other words, it serves as an aid to expand their horizon...  Shifted debates  More education is required for students and also teachers are also required to be trained to incorporate the technology better in the education... Youth and physical activity 16B  Looked at policy docs and architectural docs from major cities and some of the youth were considered at risk more from others.  Real push on healthification- individual has the sole responsibility for their own health...  Basketball: if basketball improves everyone, it is undertaking the assumption that everyone loves basketball...  "there is always a good one" - man and women relationship tends to be ignored...  Feeling that u have to choose is distributed to everyone but not everyone has the ability to make a difference...  Nike building basketball courts around the city: it is good since they are doing human good without any kind of profit...  But on the other hand...building them doesn't promote the sports because of the limitations such as sports gear, equipment and doesn't work into account the unfair labour that has been done in the sweat shop labour in 3rd world countries....e.g.; oppressed workers......most of them are males showing hegemonic masculinity...Nike commercials are all focussed towards males...  "if u let me play"- are depicting results for females...tends to ignore the aspects that focuses on the violence.... Film and sports: Part I  It refers to composing, comprehending, interpreting, analyzing and appreciating the language and text of both print and non-print. o Everything about media is constructed, there is nothing that has not been edited for the media. o There is nothing unedited about media, everything is edited, packaged and there is nothing that is free of bias. o They are not telling us what to think, they tell us what to think about.  It provide us with the scenario and then tell us what to think about, it takes the thinking tools away from us.  There are 5 key concepts: o All media messages are constructed  There are certain messages that are pushed in the fore-ground and there are certain that are pushed at the back. o Media Messages are constructed using a creative language with its own rules.  The music, lighting, camera angles, costumes, etc are very important things that are concerned about. o Different people experience the same message differently.  The personal and previous background interprets things differently in people's lives. o Media have embedded values and point of view  There are different messages embedded in the media, sometimes they can be education, profit driven, product analyses, etc.  It tends to hide the most important things from the audience eyes. o Media messages are constructed to gain power and/or profit  Media in most points is about profit and profit generation  some on the other hand is about promoting education, art but it is all about profit and profit generation.  Both of the film deals with sex gender and sexuality and they both show aggressive and violence sports o Boxing and quadriplegic rugby o Father and child relationship in both the movies.  Characters are being organized in a particular way in order to convey a particular message. o Documentaries and movies are both constructed. The director uses camera, lighting and sound to create a mood which communicates their vision.   Muderball constructed themes o Tough o Focus o Aggression  Communicate exclusion in some type, isolation o Perseverance o Speed, power March 06, 2013 Plugged in and tuned out rest of 17A  One is about better educating students and other is about educating teachers.  Need to promote greater awareness of accuracy and reliability of information found on the internet. o Not so savvy surfers  Too prone to accept information published online as fact and be led astray...  Concern over lack of digital literacy. o Removing internet filters may encourage more responsible and ethical digital literacy and citizenship.  Students have discerning interests towards technology...  Sometimes these filters tends to block the sites that may be resourceful for the research projects...  Netiquette - defined as proper or acceptable ways of communicating on the internet. o Good netiquette involves:  Respecting others privacy  Not doing anything online that will annoy or frustrate other people.  Three areas where good netiquette is highly stressed are email, online chat and newsgroups.  There are some general rules with formal communication and it should be taken as respectful to others...e.g.; spell check, caps lock, etc.  Teachers are also need to be changed towards technology because they think it can be disruptive, teachers are also integrating theses technologies in the classrooms.... Technology, physical activity and youth 17B:  according to research, boys are getting on avg. Of 35 min and 24 min for girls from moderate to vigorous activity...  There is not enough play for the kids these days before and after the school.  Video games are to be blamed for sedentary leisure time behaviours...  It doesn't specify the exact screen time....problem with the research  Technology promotes PA and change exercise behaviours eg. Treadmills, etc.  Technology with measuring heart rate and gps are used in sports like skiing and trekking....  in general, the wii fit does not do anything except criticizing the consumer that he/ she is not up to date with their healthy physical activities...  Instead of commenting racist comment, the wii fit should convey healthy and optimistic facts...  Millington (2009) says that the wii fit promotes PA in daily basis with the entertainment and says that wii locates itself as expert with the expert knowledge and gamer gets consumer as the "docile body"... Film and sports: Part II  All media are constructions o Do not present simple reflections of reality  Form and function are closely related o Everything is linked to some sort of meaning  Audiences negotiate meaning  Media contain ideological and value messages o We are talking about judgements about good and bad in the world  Media have commercial implication o It is also about profit.  Murderball: o It communicated aggression through its music. o No music in the front section to show isolation and loneliness and also showing negotiating his wheel chair. o Focuses on his leg tattoo to show his masculinity o We see brutal wheel chairs  Million dollar Baby: o The director uses camera, lighting and sound to create a mood and communicate his vision o He is emphasizing about the American dream where everything starts at the bottom and then carried forward towards a big achievement. o Relatively calm, quiet, concern with everyday life- he is trying to reflect the everyday story of an American household  Vision of boxing and boxing culture  It is all about business and it doesn't show corruption as it is usual life.  Vision of characters  Characters are shown very stereotypical and sexual  Maggie:  Perseverance, insistence, willingness to endure hardship for her dream, transgressive but contained  Lack of critique or resistance of the conditions or to her treatment  Frankie Dunn:  The Gruff , The boss  Lonely man  Eddie Dupris  Narrator, caretaker  Guardian to Maggie and Frankie  Shows different side of black people. Plugged in and tuned out 17C:  Cyber bullying: actions that use information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated and hostile behaviour by an individual or group that is intended to harm another. o Use of comm. Tech. For the intention of harming another person.  Cyber trolling: a troll is someone who posts calculated inflammatory or off-topic msgs. In a public online forum (chat rooms) with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or disrupting normal on-topic discussion. o It is usually done with the intention of not being criminal but usually it does cross the criminal line...for e.g. Amanda Todd- committed suicide because of cyber bullying...  How social media and text msgs. can help fight with the mental illness in the current generation... o Nancy Lublin-  Largest US non-profit for young people for social change.  Video-texting is the best way to communicate with the kids.  Texting has a 100% open rate  It can prevent the social and physical abuse that happens in everyday life.  Problems with personal privacy and false text messaging.  According to Dr. Safai, Change has to start at the ground level and should be done with the multi-dimensional approach.  We have to resist the one size fits all solution.  This organization is supporting youth at different levels to provide them enough resources to act differently. o Net Gen  Criticizes net gen as dumb, distractible, etc. o Don Tapscott says  The net gen is more socially connected and socially impacted.  The net gen youth are doing good and better for the world today than anyone else. Health and pleasure 18A:  By looking at the map of Toronto and comparing York U, UofT and Ryerson says that York campus is crime ridden as well as other Toronto universities.  York is 7 times safer than other universities and York village has more crime rate as compared to York U.  We experience public panics over everything for ex: o Public and social terrorism  Public panics are designed to create fear. These perceptions that are created by public panics have very little evidence. They are rather socially constructed and cultural assumptions towards vulnerability. Vulnerability becomes a form of identity and the reading says that the people have now become more vulnerable than ever.  Making them vulnerable distracts people away from thinking widely and makes us to focus on ourselves.  The 3 major key points from the article is that: o Public panics over everything now o Fear and panicking is not based on any evidence o Fearing has to do with social construction of vulnerability as a form of identity. o Vulnerability only cause the people to think inwards and on themselves rather than thinking outside the box which distracts them from social world.  Risk is now constructed but is not always considered bad for a job opportunity, fire fighters and police officers.  If we don't take risk, we are not providing ourselves towards human progression. But the good risks tend to get diminished now days and good risks are more interpreted as threat, danger, harm or hazard, we tend to go towards negative effect.  He is focusing more on rational fear in terms of production of fear and culture of fear. o Culture of fear happens when certain behaviours are used against people to mobilize them to think differently through those cultural differences.  Risk leads our lives towards anxiety which leads to loss of control and the anxiety tends to control those feelings.  Obesity: by promoting the fear of fatness, we tend to ignore the other important factors of life like: poverty, food security and physical activity crisis by promoting of fear and vulnerable. o Uncomfortable, huge, boxed memory, obese, short, self-confidence etc.  In general by looking at the picture, we went towards negative aspects of the picture. But we don't have any evidence towards the health facts.  We tend to ignore the evidence if provided by the scholars in today's world.  We tend to look at the things that are not provided by the solid evidence and here we should look at the other ways of looking at these issues.  OBESITY EPIDEMIC: o We are not in the middle of any epidemics but there are subtle changes that take people from one level to another in BMI. o Emphasis is on the obese people which promotes fear of morbidity and mortality.  BMI WORKS? o BMI is not a very good tool to detect the fatness in an individual, it is a general tool that serves towards the health benefits.  It is weak predictor of mortality o In fact the underweight people are more at risk as compared to people with overweight's or obese. o The researchers only look at the fatness while they ignore the social factors that cause the individual to consume those high calorie diets for ex:  Poverty  Food security  Lack of physical activity etc.  Diet quality  Fitness levels.  IS BODY FAT UNHEALTHY? o body weight is easy to measure, body fat is difficult and BMI measures body weight. o Researchers also suggests that exercise and diet can correspond to no weight loss but results in better overall health.  DOES WEIGHT LOSS IMPROVE HEALTH? o Weight loss doesn't improve health status but increased exercise and improved diet is associated with health.  DO WE KNOW WHAT CAUSES OBESITY o The causes of obesity are still unknown and research has done little to clarify the picture. o Western lifestyle is probably the main causes of obesity which is not highlighted by the media which eventually promotes fear and anxiety and extracts all the negatives out of the situation. Socialization -- children and parents constructing "GENDER" Barbie Girls and Sea Monsters part I  Quebec is thinking about assisted suicide.  He is going to provide us with the methodology to analyse social issues by studying little children playing soccer.  Barbie Soccer video: o Barbie dolls are shown with masculine and athletic characters. o Inviting little girls to be involved in soccer.  Socialization o Active process of learning and social development as we interact with each other.  The kind of person we become as we interact with each other. o Interactive process through which we actively connect with others and make decisions that shape our lives and the social worlds around us.  We are always in process in becoming something and make decisions as we interact.  Social class, sex, ethnicity and race is determined even before we are born which gives our extra resources.  Social relations + cultural context = meaning and importance o We learn as we get in contact with other people and meaning and importance of those experience as we interact and In which cultural context we interact with them. o People who choose not to play sports may have different and better socialization opportunities in other pursuits but we tend to ignore other aspects of life for e.g. Chess, painting, music, poetry, debate team etc.  The diversity of experience is more important to us as a human being.  Sports are sites for socialization experience rather than causes of specific socialization outcomes. o Those who are in charge of running the sports will determine the culture of sports and the interaction that comes out of it. o The culture of drinking in hockey has become tradition in terms of culture of sports.  Different sports involve different experiences and therefore consequences for instance, power and performance sports versus pleasure and participation sports. o That's why kids drop out -- 70% kids drop out of competitive sports in North America since they suffer from lack of fun. o Humans don't learn by screaming but the emphasis on the culture of sports.  Clarification: Sex or Gender o Sex: biology, sexual traits --this is what we are born with o Gender: Social/cultural -- this is what we learn from the culture and society Health and Privilege 18A and 18B: 18th March, 2013  The obesity epidemic is used as a fear of fatness and has come from fear of culture, we tend to neglect the major problems like poverty, food security, etc.  Conflate: the actual obese people tends to overshadow the people who are barely obese or in over weight category. o The media doesn't even focus on the more important issues such as poverty, food security, etc.  It would be viable for us to see the other social factors such as poor eating habits, lack or exercise rather than focussing on just fat and fatty people.  In North America, there are higher rates of obesity among poor communities and racial minorities such as African Americans since not everyone has same resources.  Culture of fear: the use of irrational fear to mobilize people into particular actions.  Fear appeal is a message designed to elicit fear in an attempt to persuade an individual...  2 types of actions that dispel those unpleasant feelings: o Either take preventive action to deal with the threat. o Control the fear through denial or avoidance of the issue.  Ontario Medical Association suggests that we should have fear marketing used for junk food like pizzas, hotdogs, burgers etc. o Since there has been a positive change with smoking, it should also be done against junk food. o Canada was the first country to introduce the fear based marketing on cigarette boxes to make awareness. o Australia leads world ranking with introduction of plain packaging in 2012 (no colors, branding or logos)  Fear marketing depends on different kinds of people with different scenarios and it's strengths are o Inexpensive o Wide reach o Accessible information  The weakness are o Actual effectiveness declines over time (desensitization)- it only works for short time but it does not last very long.  According to health Canada surveys shows that there is a 20% decline overall but it doesn't specify the categories.  Malcolm Gladwell (the tipping point): smoking is taken as a new adventure because: o Defiance o Sexual precocity o Honesty o Impulsiveness o Indifference o Sensation/thrill seeking  Teens are still smoking because it is attached to the feelings of coolness, "Smoking is not cool but smokers are".  Research shows that negative emotions harm the body but positive emotions can counteracts those emotions for e.g.: o Emotional positiveness o Optimism  It is about shifting collective attention away from the privileging of inequity. Barbie Girls Vs. Sea monster Part II  We are born with certain biological traits that moves us in the way we interact with each other.  We have under placed the values of socialization.  We expect both the gender to act certain way so masculinity with men and feminine with females.  Gender is also social constructed and go back and forth with in societies.  Messner's Methodology o Gender: How children "do gender" when they interact or perform. o Structure: how the structured gender regime constrains and enable the actions of children and parents.  We are separating them into groups they performs in certain situations. o Culture: how popular cultural provides images to be used by children and parents to magnify differences.  Performance of Gender: o Girls dancing around Barbie. Boys disrupting the activity o Boys will be boys and girls will be girls.  We are labelling and stereotyping certain behaviours.  We have been manipulating babies as is by giving them religion, stereotypical toys, etc. o Baby "storm": they are raising a genderless child and seeing what choices does the child makes.  The parents decided to home school the child so that they can make the study environment gender free.  Structure of Gender: o The value of what it is said, "they are so different!", and the value of what it is ignored (LOOK AT THEM! THEY ARE SO SIMILAR!")  We can't come over this delusion unless we give everyone the same opportunity. o The instances in which they do similar things by far outnumbered the things that makes them different.  All the comments that are coming from the parents about this experience are already shared by the parents experiences. They are not looking at the whole picture but looking at a much smaller picture.  In fact the adult are divided among the social roles also for instance if its a men then he should be the coach and its a women then she should be taking care of the food and supplies etc.  The line between cultural symbols and structural boundaries is not always fully evident. o Barbie as a SYMBOL - playing sports, prisoner, soldier. White Privilege and male privilege 18B: 20th March, 2013  The law doesn't critique the athlete who are involved in the crimes and tend to overlook the privilege that is given to the males and white people. o The after talk after the rape were very oblivious, they thought that the culture will save them from getting charged.  Some groups in the community think that they are privileged in some way or the other in the culture.  Why difficult to admit privilege: o It takes something away from our accomplishments. It shows us that others are not as privilege. o It tells us that your "good fortune" is at the expenses of others. PRIVILEGE IS UNFAIR, IN HUMAN.  This is not about blaming, it is about recognizing the opportunity for other people. o Denial is the most complicated thing that occur with males and whites.  Peggy Macintosh list is important: o It allows everyone to rec
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