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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1020
Jennifer Kuk

Infectious Diseases MRSA Diffcile CRE VREdeadly virusesno treatment will keep them alive They are antibiotic resistant bacteriaMRSA is a type of staph bacteria passed on through skin to skin contact Can also be spread through lines bathroom fixtures and medical equipmentlives a long time on these things Once you get this its overDifficile bacteria found in human feces Easily passed on if a person doesnt wash their hands and touches a door 24 hours surface or a touches you CRE bacteria found in the bowels and the feces It is very resistant to many types of antibiotics It is typically affects patients using ventilators urinary catheres and intravenous catheters VRE found in the intestines and female genital tract and easily spread through person to person contact Reason why we dont have solutions pharmaceutical companies takes about 1 billion dollars and after every two years it mutates Agricultures give cattles antibiotics so that they wont die causes bacteria to survivespread to humansno treatmentwill be a major health concern in next ten years Infectious DiseasesoHow do you catch an infection oWhat is the different bacteria and virusestwo most common pathogens but they spread and grow differentlyoWho is at the highest risks for certain infectious diseases age specific oWhat is server acute respiratory syndrome SARSoWhat progress has been made to treat HIV and AID Global mortality from Individual Pathogens 2002oAcute infectiondiseases are still killers oHIVleading cause of death for acute infections3000 deaths per yearoTuberculosisinfection in the lungs1800s 1900s mad people diedstill kills over 1500 people oMalariakills 1200 people a yearpathogen that is in a mosquito usually in Africa oAcute Infections re killing people around the worldHealth adjusted life years by infectious disease syndrome Ontariowe try to estimate how detrimental these acute infections are by attributing metric HALYs index of how many people re dying from this infection and how many workproductivity days are lost In Canada a lot of people die due to pneumonia costs us 15 thousand deathsloos time at work prevalent in both males and femalesOver the past decade infections diseases have regained prominence in Ontario with outbreaks of pathogens Different pathogensslide How pathogens enter the human body These scared us but we do have defense mechanisms Comes from our skin and acidity in our gut and urinary tract protects us up to some degree Most of these pathogen enter our body through some type of holeskin bit of animal or mosquito Ocular We can get infections from our eye bone of the eyebrainClhymdiacan enter through the eyeRespiratory tract we can inhale a pathogen touch our nose such as influenza and tuberculosis Once its inthe lung the bodys response to if we will live or not Oral we can consume pathogens through our mouthcholera rota virus salmonella shigella UrogenitalRectal are you wearing a condom Only way to protect yourself from HIV HPV HSV2 HepatitisB and C Some pathogens that can dig into your skinhookwormburrow into your skin into blood streamfull of parasitesthis si found in soil and water Viruses most common virusessingle cell like a circlenot a normal cell because it has surface receptors that allow the virus to get into the cell where they want to reproduce Viruses cant reproduce on their own they need to enter host cell and replicate using our DNA Is there any treatmentnope The only thing we have is an immune systemoHepatitis C pick up through dirty dying intercourseoCoronavirus everywhereoHerpes affecting 20oBird Flue virustime to time sometimes more sometimes littleoSmallpox virus oInfluenza Virus everywhereSwine Flu diseases that had outbreak in 2006 Asian populations spread like wild fire At first it was only in pigs in the Far East and pigs were dying and somehow that viruses mutated into such a way that the virus could enter into humans and attack our lungs We figured out it was H1NI1 H virus into your cell and N virus out of your cellAugustDecember7 grand people hospitalized this doesnt cure the patient but it doesnt let them affect others and there were about 324 deaths It has the capacity to mutate in such a way that it spread easily and it would much harder to treat The only thing we can do to treat itstay alone and wash your hands In the next ten years the leading cause of death will be infections2003 SARScoronavirussudden acute respiratory system Within about 6 7 days people went from coughing to wheezing to death this was a bird flu Birds had these virusesit wasnt killing the birds but it mutated in such a way that it could get into humans With global travel it can become an epidemic with just a week It was diagnosed with coronavirus but no treatment As soon as we find someone that is sick you have to call center of disease where did it come from where is the virus only way you can control it and quarantine
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