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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1020
Jennifer Kuk

What is Physical Fitnessanthropometry musculoskeletal cardiovascularrespiratory When you think about MF increase in our age and once your KUK age youre gone youre done Threshold for dependence walking daily activities In order to do these things there is a threshold if you begin to go down faster than you will not be able to do daily activities at an older ageBalance how do you prevent yourself from falling down Signals are sent to the brain Such as semicircular canals of inner ear kinesthetic sensors in muscles tendons and joints visual perception and coordination of all the things listed above to tell your brain what to do Losing hearing can cause imbalanceSemicircular Canal fluid and hair are present When the fluid moves the hair movestells the directionality to the brainexample of water bottle spin around stop but you still think the world is spinning due to the fluid in the ear still movingGolgi Tendon organs contain sensorstheyre within the fibers of tendons Tendons are made of tissues and Golgi tendons run inside them When tendon stretches the Golgi tendons sense it They are close to muscle insertions When muscle contracts it pulls the tendons which is connected to the bone and it tells it about tension of the contracting muscle forces going on in jointsMuscle Spindleswithin muscle fiber They are embedded within the muscle close to the fibers so they can detect information about muscle length tension and the load Large vs Small muscles Small muscles have more spindlesmore control over the muscle Functions resist stretch by stimulation contraction They help inhibit muscle contraction in the opposing group This is why after spinal cord injuries they are stiff because all of the muscles are contracting against each other The muscle spindle isnt there to say relax this muscle while the other does its job Joint Kinesthetic Receptors located within the joint capsule Respond to mechanical deformation that happen during extreme joint ranges Bend the arm the other way JKR be like no stop this isnt goodthe receptors tell you its not a good motionBalance affected by body weight walking outside during snow no salt and someone loads you with a heavy backpack gives you extra textbooks and shitless easier to balance more likely to fall down because you require that much more strength to balance and overcome slippage to bring back your center of gravity Lower the center of gravityharder to balance Fear will affect balance as well Stress causes brain to shut down Everything fires against everythingcant balance yourselfHow well can you tell your body to position yourself so that you wont fall down Measurement of Balance dynamic with motion Static no motion Improvement of Balance depends on what your sport isskateboarding practice with skateboarding wont help much with yoga The sports that require good balance is rowing
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