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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 2050
Merv Mosher

First Name Surname Print neatlyPrint neatlyStudent NumberYORK UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF HEALTH School of Kinesiology and Health Science Kinesiology 205030Analysis of Data in Kinesiology Quiz 2 Version D March 23 2011This exam is worth 20 of the total course markThis is a closed book exam but nonprogrammable nonscientific calculators may be usedEach question is worth one mark unless noted otherwiseMark your answers on the Scantron sheet Select the best answer for each question Time allowed45 minutes your name and student number in the space Neatly print providedMARK 2511 A probability value equal to 100 means that the event A has a low probability 1 in 100 of occurring B is certain to occur C has about a 5050 chance of occurring D is reasonably certain to occur E has no chance of occurring2 Jane and Mary share an office at work and they have both arrived to work with a cold During the 8 hour 480 minute work day Jane coughs 120 times and Mary coughs 62 times Assume a cough lasts one 1 minute What is the probability that they will cough at the same timeA 0005 B 0032 C 0010 D 0125 E 04063 There are 7 nurses working at one time in an Emergency Room at a hospital A team of three nurses are required to help lift an overweight patient in order for the doctor to examine the extent of the patients injuries How many different teams of three nurses could be selectedA 210 B 140 C 70 D 35 E 94 Complete the following statement a sampling error is A likely to be smaller in a small sample compared to a large sample B the statistical overlap in a sample value and the population parameter C the difference between the sample statistic and population parameter D the error that occurs when researchers select biased samples E both B and C are correct5 What is the name of the variable in an experiment that the experimenter manipulates A continuous variable B dichotomous variable ariableC extraneous vD dependent variable E independent variable2
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