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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3020
Merv Mosher

Questions for Reading 11 1 The most direct technique to study the role of vision in motor control involves the recording of eye movements as a person performs a skill2 What is the difference between a skilled tennis player and a novice tennis player when analyzing their eye movements The results showed that the skilled players spent more time viewing the opponents trunkhip and headshoulder areas than did the lessskilled players while the lessskilled players spent more time than the skilled players viewing the opponents racquet3 a What is the temporal occlusion procedure This procedure allows an investigation of the amount of time a person requires to visually detectthe environmental context information he or she uses to perform a skill b When is this procedure usefulThis procedure is especially useful for skill performance situations in which choices among several movement alternatives must be made which includes situations such as returning a serve in racquet sports deciding whether to a
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