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Biomechanics of Human Mvmnt: Mock Exam - KAHSSO Winter 2013

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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3030
Dorathy Moore

Mock Exam: KINE 3030 (BIOMECHANICS) 1. Which of the following is not a kinematic measure? a) angular velocity b) angular speed c) ground reaction force d) linear displacement 2. During projectile motion, the vertical velocity is constant? (T/F) 3. Which of the following regarding Impulse is false? a) Impulse is the product of force and time b) Amount of force increases as time of contact increases c) Impulse is calculated by finding the area under a force time curve. d) The units for impulse are N s. 4. Which of the following would be a measure of absolute angle a) Knee angle b) Hip angle c) Trunk angle d) Elbow angle 5. Radius of gyration is the smallest when: a) mass is large b) axis of rotation passes through center of mass c) k equals 1 d) there is no axis of rotation 6. If the radius of gyration of an object doubles then the moment of inertia a) stays the same b) halves c) doubles d) increases four times 7. A runner starts at 10 m/s and slows down to 8m/s while entering a curve, with a radius of 10m. What is the centripetal (radial) acceleration of a runner as he/she enters the curve? a) 6.4 m/s 2 2 b) 1 m/s 2 c) 10m/ s d) Not enough information 8. Balance is defined as a) Ability to control equilibrium b) Resistance to disruption of equilibrium c) Resistance to disruption of stability d) All of the above 9. Muscular force is dependent on a) Cross sectional area b) Training c) Muscle stretchability d) a) and b) e) all of the above 10. For every torque, there is an equal and opposite reaction torque. This statement follows which of Newtown’s laws: a) Law of Inertia b) Law of acceleration c) Law of reaction d) Law of gravity 11. Change in Angular momentum is the product of: a) Torque and time b) Torque and cross sectional area c) Moment of inertia and linear velocity d) b and c e) a and c 12. While including air resistance, acceleration in the horizontal direction always equals zero. (T/F) 13. Linear velocity is the product of: a) radius and angular speed b) angular velocity and radius c) angular distance and time d) a and c 14. One radian equals 57. 3°. (T/ F) 15. Biomechanics is the study of the mechanics of human movement only. (T/F) 16. Which of the following is false about Angular momentum: a) As moment of inertia increases and angular velocity decreases, H will increase b) It equals moment of inertia x angular velocity c) Total angular momentum is conserved 17. Which of the following is not an example of a movement in the sagittal plane? a) Flexion b) Abduction c) Extension d) Hyperextension 18. Which of the following is the correct definition of angular momentum? a) quantity of motion b) quantity of matter c) quantity of material d) quantity of external torque 19. An object will remain in uniform motion unless compelled to change by external forces. (T/F) 20. Which of the following is a behavioural property of muscle tissue? a) Elasticity b) Irritability c) Ability to develop tension d) All of the above 21. The antagonist muscle group is always on during a muscle contraction. (T/F) 22. You need to track the rotational or angular velocity of two athletes in motion. One is doing a somersault off of a 3 meter diving board, the other is performing a triple-axle spin in a figure skating competition. Which observational planes would be most useful to observe in each case? a) Sagittal and Transverse b) Transverse and Transverse c) Sagittal and Sagittal d) Frontal and Transverse 23. Upon which axes are the diver and the figure skater rotating, respectively? a) Anteroposterior and Longitudinal axes b) Mediolateral and Longitudinal axes c) Mediolateral and Mediolateral axes d) None of the above 24. General motion is a combination of which forms of motion? a) Translation and rotation b) Rotation and spin c) Curvilinear and rotation d) Translation and curvilinear 25. If you had to measure the angle of the foot in plantarflexion, you would seek the relative angle (T/F) 26. The joint center at the knee is in precisely the same spot at all angles of the knee (T/F) 27. A Ferris wheel does 3 revolutions before boarding new riders. Assuming the Ferris wheel has completed π/4 radians in rotation and rotates at 120°/min, how long will it be until new riders can board the wheel? a) 9.450 min b) 3.000 min c) 8.625 min d) 7.125 min 28. A tennis ball has a horizontal component velocity of 5 m/s. The ball travels a distance of 12.2m before landing. What was the original velocity of the tennis ball (to the nearest integer)? a) 13 m/s b) 18 m/s c) 5 m/s d) 28 m/s 29. A hula-hoop is rolling in a circle with a radius of 2m at a constant speed. Despite constant speed, the hula-hoop is accelerating. Which component of acceleration accounts for this? a) Radial acceleration b) Tangential acceleration c) Velocity acceleration d) Circular acceleration 30. When drawing a diagram of motion where only speed is labelled, a reference or direction frame is not needed (T/F) 31. In the 12-segment system, which segments are considered as one link? a) Head and trunk b) Thighs and legs c) Upper and lower arms d) Forearms and hands 32. Inertia is defined as: a) The tendency for a body to assist a change in its state of motion b) The tendency for a body to resist a change in its state of motion c) The tendency for a body to allow a change in its state of motion d) The tendency for a body to create a change in its state of motion 33. A handgrip dynamometer measures: a) Net torque around the wrist b) Force produced by grip c) Moment arm of gripping d) The mass of the hands 34. A baseball bat hits two baseballs simultaneously. Both balls will travel with the same velocity, despite being hit at different lengths from the hilt of the bat (T/F) 2 35. Assuming the acceleratio
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