MGMT 1000 Study Guide - Outsourcing, Takingitglobal, Getgo

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24 May 2012

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Machine-like: if something goes wrong the rest of the machine cannot function: work well in stable environments, cannot adapt to change, routine operating procedures: Defender organization works to defend competitive advantage in market, stay up-to- date on trends (continuously improving/innovating), prevent others from entering/capturing market share. Analyzer organization works to defend competitive advantage in the market, but also look for opportunities for innovation and growth. Example: apple: hold position as creative computing but constantly innovating & creating new markets (e. g. , iphone, ipod etc). Also very active in csr: great for image. Ladder of inference : explains common thinking & communication processes to help us become more aware of how we interpret the world around us. Predicted that we (information processors) interpret data to make meaning and make sense of it. First, we have available data, which we then select to process, interpret & draw up conclusions.

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