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York University
Modes Of Reasoning
MODR 1770
Linda Carozza

Passage Lecture 1 PG73Step 1 state the main conclusion one sentenceCannot be a questionit follows thatconclusion clueUse quotations doublewhen using the authors wordsShould know when to paraphrase and when to copy paste then state briefly why you think you have the right answer your evidence dont give step 2 stuff if you do then you dont know what you are doingMain clues based on what is written without stating the argument Eg title it follows that is an indicator of a conclusion phraseStep 2 put all of it on one page ie dont make your reader flip pages extract map the argumentneed map and indented legend exclude what are explanationsinfoormation illustrative examples trivial definitions personal feelings fluffetcMain premisespremise to support the conclusionPremisessub premisesMust use arrows P1C then look at what you have left and figure out why its there when extracting the structure of an argument Conclusion on top major premises below them then their supporting premises below themIndent sub linesEg C P1P3P4 P2what is lower should give support to what is higher hence the arrows go upExamplesargumentative reason to believe something therefore part fo the map OR illustration Definitionsnot a premise 2New and Improved VersionPg57 passage 3 course kit
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