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Modes Of Reasoning
MODR 1770
Glen Hoffmann

MODR Final Exam NotesQuestion 11 Outline Aquinas argument from motion in support of Gods existence and Sobers birthday fallacy objection to this argument Is this a convincing objection Support your answerOutline of Aquinas argument Aquinas presents five proofs for the existence of GodEach of these proofs represents a way in which Gods existence can be proven from some feature of the cosmosIn the final analysis we seem to be dealing with abductive arguments arguments in which we infer the probable existence of an unobservable thing God from an observable thing some feature of the cosmosThe Argument from Motion The argument from motion we infer the probable existence of God from the existence of motionThere are moving objects and God must be the original mover of these objectsFrom the fact that there are objects in motion something must have caused them to move other than themselvesThere cannot be an infinite chain of causesWe must trace this motion back to an original mover God This seems to be an inductive argumentWe must trace this motion back to an original mover GodThe argument can be standardized as follows Sober p 38P In the natural world there are objects in motion1P In the natural world objects that are in motion are always sent into motion by objects 2other than themselvesP In the natural world causes must precede their effects3P In the natural world there are no infinite causeeffect chains4P Hence there is an entity outside the natural world a supernatural being which causes 5the motion of the first moving object that exists in the natural worldC Hence God existsSobers Birthday Fallacy Objection The birthday fallacy derives from the following supposition from the fact that everybody has a birthday we cannot conclude that there is a single day that is everybodys birthdayIs it a Convincing Objection YesAccording to Aquinas there is precisely one first cause
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