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MUSI 1530
Rebecca Jubis

MUSIC 505 Test II Tips Your written test will happen in week 5 (Feb. 11) and your quiz in week 6 (Feb. 16). 1. Read Chapters 2-6. If you have having trouble filtering information, I recommend the following: - Review any material that was not addressed in lectures. You are responsible for this. - Read Bluegrass section, listen to Bill Monroe - Using the lecture notes as a guide, fill them out with additional information from the textbook. - You are not expected to know musician/composer biographies or dates, but know the genres they played in, their contributions to popular music, and the venues, cities, or record labels they are associated with. - The test may address musical terms, but not how they apply to any of the specific listening examples from the CD. Be sure to know song titles and what genre or artist they are affiliated with. - Pay attention to general musical trends, genre development, technological inventions and changes, and broader social changes that affected popular music. - You should know major dates (i.e., when was the microphone invented?); the ones that are highlighted in class on the slides are the most important 2. Learn the terms in the glossary posted. A list of required terms that may appear on the test is pasted below. 3. The test will consist of: - 25 multiple choice questions (worth 1 point each) - 5 definitions (worth 2 marks each). You are e
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