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York University
Natural Science
NATS 1700
Valeri Michkine

PART 1: COURSE CONCEPTS, THEIR COMPONENTS AND DEFINITIONS The best way to understand the course concepts is to identify them and then ask yourself whether the course concept in question has a specific definition or can only be explained. Where a course concept has a specific definition, then you must state that definition if asked to do so. Where a course concept can only be explained, then you must explain it. Note: “Technology”; Quantum Physics, the Transistor and the Categories of Benefits are not considered course concepts. Each of these subjects are areas of discussion or topics in their own right and not course concepts. For your purposes, course concepts refer to the social issues that arise as a result of new technology. The following are the course concepts with some guidelines to help you when you are studying them: FIRST TERM CONCEPTS 1. Technology Apathy. It has a specific definition. It also has components which are its causes and consequences. However, the
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