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Natural Science
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NATS 1700
Olena Kobzar

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Disadvantages of New Tech Definition- Lack of advantage or a harm/loss. For our purposes, it is the downside of new Technology which can be individual, societal or global (unlike advantages that are only individual and societal". A global disadvantage would be satellite surveillance which can pick you out-regardless where you are- magnify you, and even see what you are reading. wealth and poverty you would list the three types of GOV. There is a normal/standard gov which is composed of the wealthy and few who are powerful and it denies new tech to the general populous. Then there is an enlightened GOV which wants to give new tech to its populous but is caught in opportunity cost, where either it puts in western style infrastructures or alternatively give new Tech to the people. The cost of western infrastructure is so high that there will be little money left to give New technology. One type of third world nation (india) uses the best of New tech in the 21st century (cellular technology) to create a 21st century infrastructure bypassing the choices that other englightened GOV had to make. RELATIONSHIPS AND COMMUNITY-IDENTITY Identity industry Found identity-one that forms from your cicumstances (your parents and their background, your race and the things you do in your everyday life) Made identity- the one you make threw social media sites such as Facebook The internet and social media have had a remarkable effect on identity and the creation of identity and the types off identity created. Two types of relationships: One starts virtually, yet must be met face-to-face at one point to be seen as an actual relationship (a start to trust and loyalty) and can be more strengthened by going back to virtual. In this a third person can also be added. Other starts face to face and is continued virtually as again as a way to strengthen the relationship. In this as well, a third person can be added to the relationship through the virtual part based on the friendship of the first two (like social media). 4 U friends for real? When you see yourself in the mirror you see all of you, including your negative sides like your faults. When you post on facebook, you expect to see yourself through the responses of others-generally good- which makes you feel better about yourself. BIOTECH AND ENGINEERING Designer babies, resistance to HIV/AID through genetic manipulation (disease), cloning (a genetically identical copy of the origi
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